Tarin Sea

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Tarin Sea
File:Tarin Sea Satellite Image.png
LocationNorthwest Euronia
Basin countriesCaspiaa, Zamastan
Surface area377,000 km2 (146,000 sq mi)
Max. depth700 m (2,300 ft)

The Tarin Sea lies between Caspiaa and Zamastan, and is connected to the Hapson Sea to the south and the Kasuum Sea to the north. It hosts key northwestern Euronian shipping lanes and is a major fishery. The coast is a popular destination for recreation and tourism in basin countries, and a rich source of energy resources, including wind and wave power. The Tarin Sea has featured prominently in geopolitical and military affairs, from the age of the Ascomanni, Nortuan and Adulan colonization, and a series of independence movements.

The coast has diverse geology and geography. In the north, deep fjords and sheer cliffs mark much of its coastlines, whereas in the south, the coast consists mainly of sandy beaches, estuaries of long rivers and wide mudflats. Due to the dense population, heavy industrialisation, and intense use of the sea and the area surrounding it, various environmental issues affect the sea's ecosystems. Adverse environmental issues – commonly including overfishing, industrial and agricultural runoff, dredging, and dumping, among others – have led to several efforts to prevent degradation and to safeguard long-term economic benefits.






Environmental issues