Zamastanian Naval Forces

Zamastanian Naval Forces
TypeMilitary, Navy
- 196,500
Zacharias Castovia
Curtis Fondaden
EstablishmentSeptember 3rd, 1805

The Zamastanian Naval Forces (ZNF), is the naval warfare force of Zamastan, operating under the overarching authority of the Zamastanian Armed Forces. It includes the Zamastanian Navy and the Marines. The Navy maintains a fleet of technologically sophisticated ships and submarines including two aircraft carriers, two amphibious transport docks, four ballistic missile submarines, one nuclear fleet submarine, six guided missile destroyers, 24 frigates, 14 corvettes, 13 mine-countermeasure vessels and 23 patrol vessels. As of January 1, 2019, there are 89 commissioned ships (including submarines) in the Navy, plus 11 ships of the Zamastanian Fleet Auxiliary (ZFA); there are also five Merchant Navy ships available to the ZFA under a private finance initiative. The ZFA replenishes ZNF warships at sea, and augments the Navy's amphibious warfare capabilities through its three Bay-class landing ship vessels. It also works as a force multiplier for the Navy, often doing patrols that frigates used to do. The total displacement of the Navy is approximately 408,750 tonnes (706,759 tonnes including the Zamastan Fleet Auxiliary and Marines).

List of ships

File:Zms upham.jpg
The aircraft carrier ZMS Upham off the coast of Providence
Guided-missile destroyer ZMS Tobias
Frigate ZMS Harodia operating during the Gladysynthia Crisis
File:Zms avi taures.jpg
Corvette ZMS Avi Taures, named after the Zamastanian President, Avi Taures

Aircraft carriers


Ballistic missile submarines

Nuclear fleet submarine

Guided-missile destroyers



Mine-counter measure vessels

Patrol vessels


Naval Bases