Zian Presidential Mansion

Zian Presidential Mansion
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ResidenceFamily of the President of Zamastan
SeatTofino, Zamastan

The Zian Presidential Mansion, also known as the "President's Palace", the "President's House", and the "Executive Mansion", serves as the official residence of the President of Zamastan. The site was originally the home of the Skithan Imperial Governor of the Zamastan colony and was selected by the first President, Tomias Hapson, as the official residence. The building went through extensive expansions, beginning in 1815. The building was finished in 1837. Every president since Hapson has lived there. Tyler Kordia officially gave the Zian Presidential Mansion its current name in 1939. Facilities that are available to the president include access to the Mansion's staff, medical care, recreation, housekeeping, and security services. The federal government pays for state dinners and other official functions, but the president pays for personal, family, and guest dry cleaning and food.


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