List of largest Zamastanian companies

This article lists the largest companies in Zamastan in terms of their revenue, net profit and total assets, according to the Zamastanian business magazine Profit Zama.

2019 Profit Zama List

This list displays all Zamastanian companies in the Zamastanian magazine Profit Zama 500, which ranks the Coalition of Crown Albatross's largest companies by annual revenue. These figures are taken specifically from the sections highlighting only Zamastanian companies, and as such will not include foreign companies in comparison. The figures below are given in millions of Zamastanian dollars (ziapet) and are for the fiscal year 2018. Also listed are the headquarters location, net profit, number of employees worldwide and industry sector of each company.

Rank Name Industry Revenue
(ZPT millions)
(ZPT millions)
Employees Headquarters
1 ZeeMart Retail 514,405 Increase6,670 908,000 Arinals, Zian
2 Picotheca Grant Oil and Gas 414,649 Increase5,845 81,000 Lower Tariel, Northern Isle
3 Pegassi Automotive 278,342 Increase14,322 664,496 Tregueux, Tregueux
4 Zian Trust Banking 246,969 Decrease-531 28,682 Tofino, Zian
5 ZSuites & Foresster Incorporated Real Estate, Electronics, Construction 239,533 Increase39,827 229,000 Tofino, Zian - Aunistria, Aunistria
6 Perick Incorporated Raw Resources, Mining 203,211 Decrease-392 340,000 White Rock, Jade
7 Obey Automotive 191,654 Increase4,856 370,870 Tofino, Zian
8 Gorian Institution Electronics, Telecommunications 176,005 Decrease-1,232 221,650 Jade Harbor, Jade
9 Zian Airways Airline 133,539 Increase2,553 115,882 Jade Harbor, Jade
10 Circa Telecommunications 130,863 Increase15,528 144,500 Emerald, Pahl
11 Tarin Shipping Line Shipping 28,292 Decrease100 99,900 Tofino, Zian - Titania, Titania

Companies List

  • Toring Industries - Commercial aircraft, Military aircraft, Satellites, Space vehicles and launchers