Foreign Relations of Zamastan

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Diplomatic relations of Zamastan as of 2019
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Zamastan has formal diplomatic relations with most nations. This includes all Coalition of Crown Albatross member states and CCA observer states other than CCA member states Great Epsilon, North Sotoa, West Chanchajilla and Malvare.



Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Skith 1823 See Skith–Zamastan relations

After the War of Independence (1802-04), Skith and Zamastan had very limited diplomatic relations of any kind until 1823, when President Avi Taures and King Hang Almarez II signed a mutual-trade agreement and a Special Relationship Treaty that forgave debts held by either country at the end of the war.

Quetana -year- See --relations--
Cadair -year- See --relations--
Raviannas -year- See --relations--
Mulfulira -year- See --relations--
Emmiria -year- See --relations--
Prydania -year- See --relations--
San Martina -year- See --relations--
Verdusa -year- See --relations--
Saudi Jiddiya -year- See --relations--
Zudrait -year- See --relations--
Kagreau -year- See --relations--
Oclistan -year- See --relations--
Somodi -year- See --relations--
Azil -year- See --relations--
Kantoalina -year- See --relations--
Kint -year- See --relations--
Murzi -year- See --relations--
Baravia -year- See --relations--
Kupleland -year- See --relations--
Iobaray -year- See --relations--
Alluna -year- See --relations--
Swoesia -year- See --relations--
Austrolis -year- See --relations--
Costa Sarba -year- See --relations--
Montanian -year- See --relations--
Semalia -year- See --relations--
Ascacia -year- See --relations--
Sulifa -year- See --relations--
Khaytan -year- See --relations--
Great Epsilon -year- See --relations--
Albarine -year- See --relations--
Buckingla -year- See --relations--
Togaria -year- See --relations--
Qolaysia -year- See --relations--
Zalluabed -year- See --relations--
Elborra -year- See --relations--
Durnstaal -year- See --relations--
Alcarres -year- See --relations--
Kuresa -year- See --relations--
Vitosium -year- See --relations--
New Elkland -year- See --relations--
Andaluni -year- See --relations--
Alonnisosa -year- See --relations--
Serra Leon -year- See --relations--
Wyomia -year- See --relations--