Church of Zian

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Church of Zian
Ecclesia Terra Zian
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OrientationProtestant, Lutheran
  • English
  • Latin
HeadquartersHapson Lake Hosanna Redeemer Church, Tofino
Separated fromLutheran Church (1736 AD)
Members677.5 million

The Church of Zian is a Christian Protestant denomination in Zamastan that was founded around 1736, roughly 70 years before the nation officially split from Skith. Its headquarters are in Tofino, Zian, Zamastan. The church's heritage came mostly from the Skithan colonialists, former slave populous and the abolitionist views by rebel slave-hands, and its demographic center was in the lower Zian harbor (where it received its name). Theologically, the church was influenced by pietism. Theologically, the church is often considered the among one of the more liberal and ecumenical branch in Lutheranism, although there were tendencies toward conservative pietism in some rural and small-town congregations. In church governance, the church is clerical and centralized, in contrast to the congregationalist or "low church" strain in other forms of Protestant Christianity. With some notable exceptions, Zian churches tended to be more formalistically liturgical than their counterparts in the Lutheran Church. Among the Lutheran churches in Zamastan, the Zian was thus the one that was most similar to the established Lutheran churches in Euronia, and its largest base of believers are found in Western Euronia in Zamastan, Rio Palito, Caspia, and Gladysynthia.

Roughly 86% of Zamastanian's identify with the Church of Zian, which equates to nearly 77,520,000 people. Zamastan is a predominantly Christian nation, with the Church of Zian being the prominent faith among its citizens, the second most prominent being the Catholic Church of Zamastan.




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