Chief of Staff (Zamastan)

Chief of Staff
Josephine Champernon

since September 22nd, 2020
AppointerPresident of Zamastan
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
No fixed term

The Chief of Staff of Zamastan has traditionally been the highest-ranking non-elected employee of the Zian Presidential Mansion. The Chief of Staff position is the successor to the earlier role of the President's private secretary. The role was formalized as the Assistant to the President in 1923 and acquired its current title in 1975. The current official title is Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff.

The Chief of Staff is a political appointee of the President who does not require Senate confirmation, and who serves at the pleasure of the President. Although not a legally required role, incoming presidents since Marvin Gaviria have appointed a chief of staff.

The current Chief of Staff is Josephine Champernon, being appointed for Atticus Moreau's administration. During the administrations of Foley Sakzi and Anya Bishop (succeeding Zacharias Castovia), the Chief of Staff was Aya Booth. She succeeded Emily Miranda on January 16th, 2019.