Confirmations of Foley Sakzi's Cabinet

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This is a comprehensive list of all the cabinet officials who were confirmed and served in President Foley Sakzi's administration from November 17th, 2019, to September 22nd, 2020. Many of the cabinet officials maintained their positions during the handover of power from the previous Bishop and Castovia administrations.


(Constituting instrument)
Incumbent Took office
Secretary of State Avi Tremblan official photo (cropped).jpg
Avi Tremblan
January 11, 2016
Secretary of the Treasury Samuel Discher official photo (cropped).jpg
Samuel Discher
October 21, 2017
Secretary of Defense Curtis Fondaden Secretary of Defense (cropped).jpg
Curtis Fondaden
January 1, 2016
Attorney General Arthur Aubert.jpg
Arthur Aubert
February 14, 2019
Secretary of Internal Defense (Zamastan) Raymond Chevalier official photo.jpg
Raymond Chevalier
November 23, 2019
Secretary of the Interior Amanda Bernhardt official photo (cropped).jpg
Amanda Bernhardt
January 2, 2019
Secretary of Agriculture Regan Chambers headshot.jpg
Regan Chambers
April 25, 2017
Secretary of Commerce Trista Demore headshot.jpg
Trista Demore
February 28, 2017
Secretary of Labor Wyatt Atkinson (cropped).jpg
Wyatt Atkinson
September 30, 2019
Secretary of Health and Human Services Orion Bennett official portrait (cropped).jpg
Orion Bennett
January 29, 2018
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ayden Holland official.jpg
Ayden Holland
March 2, 2017
Secretary of Transportation Madeline Essy official portrait 2 (cropped).jpg
Madeline Essy
January 31, 2017
Secretary of Energy Juliette White official photo (cropped).jpg
Juliette White
December 2, 2019
Secretary of Education India Maddox official portrait (cropped).jpg
India Maddox
February 7, 2017
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Olly Taylor official portrait (cropped).jpg
Olly Taylor
July 30, 2018
Chief of Staff Aya Booth, Official Portrait.jpg
Aya Booth
January 21, 2019
Trade Representative Jonas Young official portrait (cropped).jpg
Jonas Young
May 15, 2017
Director of National Intelligence Kirk Faulkman official photo.jpg
Kirk Faulkman
May 26, 2020
Director of the Office of Management and Budget Ellie-Mae Barnes.jpg
Ellie-Mae Barnes
January 2, 2019


Director of the Zamastanian Intelligence Service Brett Amberson Official portrait (cropped).jpg
Brett Amberson
April 26, 2018
Secretary of Environmental Protection (Zamastan) Ahmed Fastran official photo.jpg
Ahmed Fastran
July 9, 2018
Secretary of Equality and Minority Affairs (Zamastan) Balderico Menghini official photo.jpg
Balderico Menghini
July 10, 2018
Secretary of Infrastructure (Zamastan) Tristan Sutton official photo.jpg
Tristan Sutton
June 2, 2019
Secretary of Petroleum and Natural Gas (Zamastan) Jean-Pascal Flandin official photo.jpg
Jean-Pascal Flandin
June 2, 2019
Secretary of Science, Innovation, and Technology (Zamastan) Kai Brooks official photo.jpg
Kai Brooks
June 8, 2019
Secretary of Culture and Heritage (Zamastan) Annibale Posa official photo.jpg
Annibale Posa
April 21, 2019
Secretary of Welfare and Senior Living (Zamastan) Gabriela Gordon official photo.jpg
Gabriela Gordon
November 23, 2019
Director of the Zamastanian Space Agency Thibault Berger official photo.jpg
Thibault Berger
October 3, 2019
Secretary of Space Science, Development, and Exploration (Zamastan) Piyush Goyal official photo.jpg
Piyush Goyal
October 3, 2019
Secretary of Natural Resources (Zamastan) Claudine Subercaseaux official photo.jpg
Claudine Subercaseaux
October 3, 2019


(Constituting instrument)
Incumbent Took office
Sub-Secretary of Nuclear Safety (Zamastan) Harper Stone official photo.jpg
Harper Stone
October 3, 2019
Sub-Secretary of Oceanic Research (Zamastan) Djeferson Duchamp official photo.jpg
Djeferson Duchamp
October 3, 2019