Damian Lorrie

Damian Lorrie
Damian lorrie.jpg
10th President of Zamastan
In office
September 22st, 1982 – November 6th, 1982
Preceded byAiden Avery
Succeeded byCassious Castovia
Personal details
BornJuly 29th, 1928
Delta, Zian, Zamastan
DiedNovember 6th, 1982 (Age: 54)
Plane crash
Political partyGreen Liberal Party (Zamastan)
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Damian Lorrie was the 10th President of Zamastan, succeeding President Aiden Avery in the 1982 Election. Lorrie approved bills that allowed for more individualistic states rights, though he did implement a federal allowance on the use of marijuana. Lorrie was popular under the premise that he held to the moderated line of conservative values mixed with the more liberal civil rights for people. Unfortunately, most of the planned legislation never passed because on November 6th, 1982, Damian Lorrie was killed when the Presidential Plane, Zian Prime 0, crashed on approach to the newly built Tofino International Airport. His term was the shortest of any president in Zamastan history, at only 46 days.

Early Life

Damian Lorrie was born on July 29th, 1928, in Delta, Zamastan. He grew up in the Tofino-metro area and studied at Zamastan Southwest University.

Political Career

Lorrie joined Congress in 1958 at the age of 30, becoming a congressman for Zian's 7th District. For over 24 years, he rose in the ranks of the Liberal Party within the house, taking position on many key liberal reforms which took the nation's lawmakers into conversation surrounding marriage equality and voter reform, as well as the easing of recreational drug use. In 1978, he challenged Quinn Werner in the presidential race, but dropped out after stronger backing for the incumbent president. He returned to the fight in the 1982 election, where he ultimately beat Aiden Avery and assumed the Presidency.


Lorrie wasted no time to signing legislation that Avery had tabled, including a bill that legalized marijuana at state levels. He also increased taxes for several corporations holding Z$ 500 Billion + revenue each year. This legislation received a lot of criticism from conservative pundits within the congress.


On November 6th, 1982, only two months into his presidency, Damian Lorrie was killed when the Presidential plane, Zian Prime 0, crashed on approach to Tofino International Airport following a state visit to Sanctaria with President Paul Devereaux. Investigations showed that the ice formation on the plane caused the left engine turbine to shut down, which slowed the plane and caused it to undershoot the runway and clip a overpass short of the airport grounds. The crash killed all 43 people aboard, including the Secretary of State. This event shook the political climate of Zamastan, as conservatives raced to reclaim the presidency in an emergency election, in which Cassious Castovia was victorious.