Cairo Gough

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Cairo Gough
Cairo Gough infront of Congressional Hall.jpg
Special Attorney for Counsel of Ethics Investigations
Assumed office
September 22nd, 1994
Personal details
BornAugust 13th, 1953 (Age:69)
Nanaimo, Zian, Zamastan
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

Cairo Gough is a Zamastanian attorney, judge, and lawyer, who served as the Special Attorney for Counsel of Ethics Investigations from 2013-2019. Gough was appointed and reappointed to Senate-confirmed positions by Presidents Cassious Castovia, Zacharias Castovia, and Anya Bishop. He has spent the bulk of his career in government service, serving at times as an Assistant Attorney, Attorney, Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, a homicide prosecutor in Tofino, Acting Deputy Attorney General, and Deputy Director of the Zamastanian Intelligence Service (Z.I.S.).

In January, 2019, Gough was appointed by Congressman Cormac Hammer as special prosecutor overseeing an ongoing investigation into allegations of ethics violations by President Castovia during a visit to a private island owned by ZSuites Incorporated CEO, Tauren Delavian. The investigations into the scandal eventually cleared the President of charges, though Chief of Staff Emily Miranda was found guilty of accepting bribes for vote-telling, and Congressman Hammer ironically became self-indited at the conclusion of the case and was subsequently impeached and arrested.

On September 14th, 2020, Gough was arrested in Shanghan, Yuan, without specific explanation by the Yuaneze government in an apparently targeted move to crackdown on foreign reporters, journalists, and politicians. President Foley Sakzi and his successor, Atticus Moreau, both requested to the Yuaneze government and President Xi Jingyi to release him. Gough was released in January 2021.

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Special Attorney for Counsel of Ethics

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