Barona Mall bombing

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Barona Mall bombing
The front facade of Barona Mall following the bombing
LocationLower Tariel, Northern Isle, Zamastan
DateSeptember 2nd, 2021
9:21 AM
Attack type
Terror attack, car bombing
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsMuthanna al-Jafri, member of Al-Fijar

The Barona Mall bombing was a terrorist attack that occured on September 2nd, 2021 at an upscale mall in downtown Lower Tariel, Zamastan that killed 68 people and wounded 312. The attack was committed by Muthanna al-Jafri, a self-radicalized member of the al-Fijar terror group. The attack occured at 9:28 AM when al-Jafri detonated a truck filled with explosives at the entrance of Barona Metropolitan mall in Lower Tariel as crowds were gathered for the anticipated opening of a new electronics store. The explosion collapsed the front of the mall, which trapped dozens of people inside. Al-Jafri was captured by authorities about an hour after the attack, and it was believed that he was preparing a second attack as his backpack was filled with additional explosives and firearms.

In the weeks prior to the attack, the ZIS had issued multiple warnings about possible terror attacks and had increased the threat level to 'severe', the highest possible. This came after the conclusion of the Hisrea War in Zalluabed, in which the HPLF's armed branch known as the Irsani had pledged allegiance to al-Fijar and committed a suicide bombing in Saint Raneau, Albarine on August 26th.