Literature of Eurth

Name Release Author Country of Origin Genre
La Duelo de Ideologioj 1965 René Cerf/Reneo Serfo  Shffahkia Political commentary
La Moderna Viro 1974 René Cerf/Reneo Serfo  Shffahkia Political commentary
La Konsumanto-Sklavo (The Consumer-Slave) 1997 René Cerf/Reneo Serfo  Shffahkia Political commentary
La Sfakie De Kondukanto à Larue (Shffahkia from Kondukanto to Larue) 2018 André Azaïs  Shffahkia Political biography
Mihuri Iliti (Holy Attest of Elitism) 316 Prophet Misikirineti  Orioni Religion
Geelesant, Rooie See (Yellow Sands, Red Sea) 1957 Peter Tillebaart  Variota Autobiographical Chronicle
Kruistoch' fan'es Wraaksoekene Fertoemte (The Crusade of the Vengeful Damned) 1850 Kartnaal L.F. Reierfer  Variota Historical Chronicle
Op het Rifier fan Herstel (On the River to Recovery) 1910 Wiktor Walensa  Variota Political Manifesto
Meditationes de prima philosophia (Meditations on First Philosophy) 1641 Renatus Cartesius  Adaptus Philosophy
Res Publica (Republic) ~380BC Plato  Adaptus Philosophy
Ethika Nikomacheia (Nicomachean Ethics) ? Aristotélēs  Adaptus Philosophy
Iliás (Iliad) ~800BC Homer  Adaptus Epic Poem
Odýsseia (Odyssey) ~800BC Homer  Adaptus Epic Poem
I Testi Mercantili di Limonaian: La Prima Chiave Della Nostra Storia (The Limonaian Merchant Texts: The First Key to Our History) 1972 Anna Ciresi  Alenveil Historical Chronicle
Catene Spezzate (Broken Chains) 1903 Rodrigo Munno  Alenveil Political Manifesto
The Proven Existence of Parallel Universes 2019 Kristian Breeland  Alenveil Philosophy
Il Libro dei Giorni 1358 Various  Cristina Historical Chronicles, Epic Poems
Design, Complessità e Libertà 1939 Carina Grazzi  Cristina Philosophy
La politica Della Moderazione 2014 Nova Maxima Korvini  Cristina Political Manifesto
La Donnetta 1947 Giulio Damaschino  Mantella Romance
In u Null 315 Gino di Mutina  Mantella Philosophy
Ars Seclorum (a.k.a. "The Book of Wonders") Written from ~100 to ~420 Various, unknown (a chapter on astronomy has been credited to Arikhemes the Stargazer)  Mantella Philosophy, Apothecary, Astrology, Astronomy, Botany, Folktales and Geomancy