List of bodies of water on Eurth

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Surface view of the Adlantic Ocean.

This is a list of bodies of water on Eurth. It includes seawater bodies such as oceans, (marginal) seas, various gulfs, bays, and straits. And man-made water bodies such as canals.

Seawater bodies


Make an equirectangular map like this...
... and add the ocean currents

Oceans cover most of the Eurth's surface and are of great importance to humans.



A gulf is a very large area of an ocean or a sea bordered by coastline on three sides.

  • Gulf of Auriel — Southwest of Aurelia
  • Gulf of Lanjon — North of Volsci


A bay is an area of a sea or other body of water bordered on three sides by a curved stretch of coastline, usually smaller than a gulf.


A strait is a narrow passage of water that connects two larger bodies of water.

Fresh water bodies


Man-made water bodies


A canal is an artificially made channel of water used for navigation or irrigation.