List of circulating currencies on Eurth

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Numismatics of Eurth.
Kertic poster educating travellers about conversion rates between the Kertic Mas and the Orinese Phi.

This is a list of circulating currencies on Eurth. Many currencies are recognised as legal tender in Assembled Nations (AN) member states, AN observer states, and their dependencies. States have exclusive control over the issuing of currency. Some states share currencies with other states. A currency as physical medium of exchange can include paper, cotton, or polymer banknotes and metal coins.

Country or territory Currency Sign Code Fractional unit Number to basic Value
 Adaptus Solidus A$ ADS Centesimus 100 A$1
 Ahrana Krone AHR (none) (none) (unknown)
 Akiiryu Ler Lr APL (none) (none) (unknown)
 Andalla Amla ALA (none) (none) (unknown)
 Aurivizh Aurivizht Pod ȡ APD Eilpod 100 A$0.2468
 Bashan Bashani Shekel BS Agora 100 (unknown)
 Cristina Digital Linda DL CDL (none) (none) (unknown)
 Delamaria Labrador Pound £ LBP Pence 100 (unknown)
 Dolchland Thaler Th$ ITT Schilling
12 Schillings = 1 Thaler
20 Groschen = 1 Schilling
5 Pfennig = 1 Groschen
2 Häller = 1 Pfennig
2 Klein-Pfennig = 1 Häller
 Esonice Zou Ƶ ESO Gin 100 A$88.60
 Faramount Faramontese Lira FRL None (Abolished) (none) (unknown)
 Fulgistan Tenge T FCT (none) (none) (unknown)
 Galahinda Bit Bt GBT (none) (none) (unknown)
 Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territory
Gallambrian Pound £ GBP Pence 100 (unknown)
 Garindina Garindinan Grivna Г̷̶̷ GRV Kopeck 100 A$1.80
 Girkmand FRG Dollar FRG$ FGD Cent 100 (unknown)
 Ide Jima Won IJW (none) (none) (unknown)
 Iverica Iverican Velle IVE Centavo 100 A$1.00
 Kertosono Mas (International)
KRM Peser p (International)
 Kirvina Kirvina Thaler Kvt KTH (none) (none) (unknown)
 Konalani Kālā KKL Keneta 100 A$1.75
 Littland Daler Đ DAL Skilling 100 A$0.21
 Lysia Lysian Franc Lf LRF (none) (none) (unknown)
 Mantella Mantellan Linda L MLD (none) (none) (unknown)
 Mauridiviah Como MDC Centavo 100 (unknown)
 Orioni Phi Φ ORP Phili 100 A$1.96
 Oyus New Tala Ta ONT (none) (none) (unknown)
 Pentium Pentium Dollar P$ PTD centium 100 A$4.00
 Poja dinar Ð KPD para 100 (unknown)
 Prymont Prynd β PND Øre 100 (unknown)
 Safiloa Lulu ȴ SFL (none) (none) (unknown)
 San Castellino Castellinos Peseta SCP Codyo
1 Codyo = 1000 Pesetas
1 Peseta = 100 Pwéblitos
 Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Salvian Cross $SC SAC (none) (none) (unknown)
 Seylos Seylosian Pound £ SBP Pence 100 (unknown)
 Stedoria Stedorian Mark STM Markazim 100 A$0.2621
 Sunset Sea Islands Sol SOL (none) (none) (unknown)
 Tamurin Credit C TRC (none) (none) (unknown)
 United Republic of Aurelia Aurelian Dollar $ AUD Cent 100 (unknown)
 Variota Waarttemun VWM Waartteteil 100 (unknown)
 Zaxar Wampum Mark ω ZAX Wampum Tick 100 A$1.00