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Socialist Federal Republic Of Advocatius

République Fédérative Socialiste d'Avouélos (Lysian)
Flag of Advocatius
Emblem of Advocatius
Official languagesLysian, Anglish
Recognised national languagesTengrol
Recognised regional languagesTengrol
Ethnic groups
Anglian 37%, Lysian 43%, Tengrol 11.6%, Various other groups 7.4%
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
Federal Assembly
National Assembly
• Independence from Lysia
28th April 1957
• Republic established
28th April 1957
• Socialist Federal Republic
7th May 1984
• Total
258,400 km2 (99,800 sq mi)
• Census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyAdvocatian Valorum (Ⱦ) (AV)
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideleft

The Socialist Federal Republic Of Advocatius, known natively as Avouélos, is a nation located Eurth in Northern Aurelia, within the Shffhakia region.



Before colonial times the area that would become Advocatius was inhabited by a native group called the Tengrols, of which are notable for their Empire that existed from 700 BC up until 218 where after a bloody civil war and fatal diseases brought by Aroman settlers in the region caused it to collapse, the Tengrol's were forced into a warring states period for the next millennia and a half.

Anglian Silver Coast

In the year 1782 Great Anglia set up a colony at Jamestown (Modern Day Victoires) and quickly expanded along the coastline, this cause Anglia to come in contact with the Tengrols, of which was found large amounts of Silver reserves in the region, this caused a circular flow of trade between the natives and the Anglians, this was incredibly profitable for both sides and led decades of trade between the two groups however as time went on the price of silver began to lower, which for the Anglians meant that the colony had lost it's worth, this was supplemented by Kirvinian invasion of the region which meant that the colony had lost it's largest trading partner, after this Anglia decided to sell the colony, the buyer being Lysia in 1831.

First Angler War and Lysian rule

After the sale of the colony, the Anglian settlers known as Anglers were incredibly enraged to be subjugated among the Lysians, so they staged a 3 week Rebellion in Jamestown, this ended up being defeated by Victoire Allard, which is nowadays known as the Hero of the nation. Estimated casualties go from 900-1200 men lost during the Rebellion, what impact it had was that Jamestown was renamed to Victoires after Victoire Allard, and that many Anglian settlers moved into the western and eastern midlands to try and set up their own states, however these states were often short lived, as in opposite to the Anglian rulers, Lysia began invading inland in order to find other resources, to which they found materials such as diamonds, gold, aluminum, etc.

Great Trout Famine

In 1903 the colony, then known as Côte d'Argent, was heavily reliant on trout as a food resources, however at the time the Trout population was going through a large population decrease, this led to many Fishermen overfishing in order to supplement the colony, with this the Trout population reached dangerous levels, and Lysia was not diverting food toward the colony and instead away, this led to a massive famine in the colony, killing roughly 400,000 deaths and roughly 520,000 leaving (although many came back once it had recovered), the deaths caused Lysia to finally begin diverting food towards teh colony which allowed the Trout population to recover, and the end of the famine in 1905

Second Angler War and road to Independence

In November 1925 Anglian Separatists in the Garrison Town of Talshire seized a weapons cache and with 400 men took over the town and proclaimed the 'Anglian Free State' and with it many separatists began flocking into the town and by the end of November had gained 3000 men. Lysia responded by sending 5000 soldiers to the neighbouring town of Dinan and from there several small skirmishes were fought across the Region as Lysia has sent forward squadrons in order to hold off any Anglian advance in order to prepare their men, this occurred over the period of 2 months before January 1st where the army split off into 5 groups in order to attack many Anglian scouting positions, they were mostly successful however a successful Angler defence in the innermost positions held of the Lysians for 3 days before running out of food and being forced to surrender, this continued over a few months before the Lysians reached the town itself and began sieging it, just after a day of siege the Separatists surrendered in February 1926. This impacted the nation as the war had taken the lives of 3000 men and the different groups began protesting against Lysian oppression on a much wider front, with Lysia still holding onto it however after a major protest in Victoires' Lysia conceded and on the 28th of April 1957, Advocatius became and independent Republic.

Independence and First Republic


Civil War


The Peaceful Revolution


Formation of the Socialist Federal Republic



The Legislature of Advocatius is bicameral, the National Assembly acts as the lower house and is elected via proportional representation, with 375 seats, 99,700 voters translate to 1 seat in Parliament. Whilst the upper house is the Federal Assembly with 126 seats, proportionate to the 126 districts in order to act on behalf of the interests of the Provinces and districts themselves.

National Assembly and Federal Assembly political distribution:
Svgfiles 2022-06-16-18-58-35-596255-8458416694978631957.svg
Fed assemble.png

Assembly's Speaker allegiance:    L.P.R.
Color Name of the Political Party Nick used by the Political Party Political direction National Assembly seats Federal Assembly seats Affiliation
#AD1FFF Democratic Socialist Party Socialists Democratic Socialism Centre-Left 120 33 Coalition
#D6375D Conservative People's Party Conservatives Conservatism Centre Right 105 27 Opposition
#3E8B6A Liberal Progressive Party Liberals Civil Rights Activists 74 19 Coalition
#46084F Union of Workers and Farmers Workers Anarcho-Syndicalist Far Left 41 21 Unaffiliated
#C0FA8F Unionists Unionists National Populist Far-Right 30 16 Opposition
#16FC9D Free Democratic Party Democrats Populist Centre Left 11 7 Coalition
#E0D919 Green Party Greens Eco-centric Centre left 4 3 Unaffiliated
Current Assembly Speaker: Charles Lavigne and Sean Daniels