Rail Transport on Eurth

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By Country

Dolchland Dolchland

The Imperial Government has been responsible for maintaining the majority of railways since A.I. 880.M2 (1880, as after a series of major derailments, it was found out that the three largest rail companies had been using sub-standard steel for the rails and that they had not been conducting proper maintenance as well in their attempts to make as much money as possible. The Imperial Senate passed decrees nationalising all railway-related properties of these companies in punishment and proceeded to assume responsibility for ensuring that they remain properly taken care of and expanding the system. Except for mining rails, all railroads use Imperial Gauge (seven feet).

The Imperial government is currently in the process of expanding the rail system overseas to foreign nations.

Orioni Orioni

A bullet train service is operated between the cities of O'polis and Zuidhaven, following a strict timetable. The rail network in the relatively more flat western region of Orioni has seen heavy investment in its infrastructure during the past quarter century. One of the crowning achievements is the bullet train between the inland capital and the empire's largest city and main port, Zuidhaven. Not only is this train a much cheaper and more efficient means of transportation compared to flying, since its official introduction in 2001 the high-speed connection has effectively cut the transfer time between these two cities in half to only 90 minutes.

Variota Variota

Vrein - Huisselikke Goetteren & Passagieren Transport is the principal passenger and cargo railway operator of Het Huisselant. All rail infrastructure is owned and maintained by the Asosiasjie fan Trein Ferfoerters, which acts as a neutral steward over the Variotan rails as well as the general association for railway operators to cooperate with and in. Other, smaller companies operate on secondary lines. One of these operators includes SnelFoer, which operates a secondary coastal line running between Ranjekaat and Finfishafen; stopping at places such as Geelesant.

The primary lines fulfill the important role of connecting all major towns and cities within Het Huisselant and as such, VHGPT transports the highest number of goods and passengers among railway operators; that being said, the secondary lines generally fulfill a highly wanted and needed role of connecting the smaller towns and economic ventures vital to the more rural regions of Het Huisselant.

Oyus Oyus

Oyus rail transportation is almost entirely on the northern isle, managed as part of the Oyus Transportation Authority which is overseen by the Ministry of Transportation. OTA is charged with the operation of bus lines, metro, elevated rail, and ground level rail. Rail transportation however has two separate systems:

  • The National O Line, which runs between urban areas and through small communities in a loop.
  • Smaller regional/municipal networks, which usually meet up with the national network in central stations of urban areas to allow somewhat seamless travel. Urban cities like Farla, Yulaa, and Brisore have their own regional authorities that take most of the responsibility in operating these networks.