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United States of Prymont
Flag of Prymont
Motto: Progress for the People
Anthem: Skyward Bound
CapitalNew Halsham
Largest cityCanastota
Official languagesStandard Prymontian, Common
Recognised regional languagesAelish, Ostportian
GovernmentUnitary parliament
• President
George Duval
267,099.61 km2 (103,127.74 sq mi)
• 2012 census
very high
Time zoneUTC-2
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+86
Internet TLD. usp

The United States of Prymont, commonly known as the United States or Prymont, is a federal republic composed of eight states, a federal district, and several territories. Located in northern Argis, Prymont shares the neighbourhood with The Hellenic Rus to the west and Ahrana to the southwest. With a population of just over twelve million and a land area of approximately 103 thousand square miles, Prymont is one of the most sparsely populated countries on the continent. The capital is New Halsham, however the largest city by population is Canastota, which serves as the capital of the largest inhabited state, Ostport. Prymont is currently headed by President George Duval, the first President to be elected since the country's emergence from a socialist regime. Due to its northern location, the majority of Prymont's twelve million inhabitants reside in the southern states. The region is often battered by harsh weather during the winter, and bleak, milder temperatures during warmer months. Its naturally cold climate has led to a large infrastructure budget to ensure the country continues to function during extreme weathers.

The name Prymont comes from the Rus', who originally settled in the area in the eighth century. A combination of the words 'pry' and 'mont', the full name was given due to the Rus' prying into the northern mountainous regions and finding a haven from their pursuers. Today, the United States is a founding member of the TCSI, the Trans-Continental Science Initiative; ATARA, the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association; and TRIDENT, the Tricontinental Defence Treaty. Prymont also co-founded WARD, the Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command.



Ancient history


Bone carving made of reindeer antler.

The earliest traces of human occupation found in Prymont is believed to be from 9000 BC to 7000 BC. Several crude stone tools have been found along the southwest edges of the country, where the land currently meets the coast. Tribes of fishermen and hunters lived along the southwest coast, where there were plenty of fish and mammals to sustain an encampment. It is understood that these tribes travelled north from warmer climates in the search of fresh, untainted lands. Although there are minimal traces of human life in more northern regions, it is generally believed within the scientific and history communities that the north was too cold to harbour life at this time due to the ice age.

Carvings and drawings in caves show several animals being hunted, including reindeer, bears, birds, seals, and fish (mainly salmon and trout). As the centuries progressed, life slowly expanded along the western coast, which is also detailed in markings and architectural discoveries. It would not be until much later that people would move further inland, as the harsh, cold climate prevented any meaningful form of life.

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Medieval period

Rus Age

North Argic Empire

Ostport Empire

Early modern period

Kingdom of Prymont

Dissolution of the kingdom

Modern period

First and Second Argic Wars

Post-Second Argic War

Formation of the United States



Environment and wildlife



Law enforcement and crime


A large part of the Prymontian economy comes from the Kaldestad Aamot Group.


Science and technology






The SpeedWeek is an annual Prymontian motorsports festival that takes place in the first full week of July. The event features a large number of modern and historic race cars competing in a variety of events, alongside nationwide car club meetings and sales events. It is billed as 'The World's Biggest Motor Racing Festival'.

Founded in 1980 in Ostport, SpeedWeek was the first dedicated event in the Prymontian territories that garnered international interest and appealed to the nation's love of motor racing. The festival, which is centred around the official most popular sport in the United States, attracts over one million tourists every year, and contributes β200m to the economy.