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Spiritual Republic of Yien

Flag of Yien
Map of Yien
Map of Yien
• Diviner
Alier Mohan I
• 2013 estimate

Yien is a country on Eurth.

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The eastern half of Yien is dominated by rainforests and large palm oil and soybean plantations as well as home to numerous smaller Yien clans and dialects commonly called the Reel Clans. The western half and southern coast of the country is predominately the Rek Clan which hold most of the economic and political power of the nation. The capital of Wëngabiook (“Cow Herdsman”) is found at the narrow bay in western Yien.[1]



  • 1728 — Before being conquered by the Norrium Himaya in 1728, the Yien were split between multiple dynastical rulers, the largest and most influential being the Mahah Dynasty which ruled their own small colonial empire from the 17th to 18th centuries.
  • 1961 — In Febuary of 1961, the Republic of Yien was declared and swiftly broke away from the Norrium Himaya. At first the republic was stable.
  • 2005 — On the 12th of August 2005 the republic was overthrown by Spiritual Fundamentalists sponsored by Norrium to form the current theocratic republic.[1]


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Much of the political sphere of Yien is dominated by the Rek Clan as the government was reorganised in 2009 into a unitary state, two years after the Spiritual Uprising, along with land reforms to unequally benefit the Reks.

Currently, the Reel Clans are campaigning and protesting for eastern Yien to break away as their own federal republic called Reelium, with significant support across the eastern coastline. If Reelium were to gain independence, much of the Rek’s control over the tropical plantations would be lost and almost certainly lead to the economic destruction of western Yien – thus military presence is often used to pacify protestors and rioters.[1]

The Spiritual Republican Guard Corps is a branch of the Yienite Armed Forces, founded in 2005 to protect the political system of the Spiritual Republic in Yien.


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The economy of Yien is primarily agricultural, following a state capitalist system, with significant exports being numerous types of nuts, primarily groundnuts, and the usual cash crops and grains with some cattle herding although largely subsistence. The biggest export out of Yien is palm oil and soybeans. In the western half of the country is low-level manufacturing of cheap goods primarily towards Ayubi, Norrium, and the southern Amutia coastal nations.[1]


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Nilotic, mostly Dinka. Yien follows the same religion to Abantium, Inkolo, although is a lot more organised with a fixed stable hierarchy of priests and leaders. The nation’s theocratic leader is the Diviner Alier Mohan I since 2007. Uses a modified version of the N’ko script for writing.[1]


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