List of separatist movements and terrorist organizations on Eurth

List of separatist movements and terrorist organizations on Eurth.

Active separatist movements


The DnMRS (Dniester Movement of the Revolution in Słupsk) is a medium-sized armed capitalist party that seeks to declare South Zagoria as its own seperate state, and has an armed wing (The Militia of Citizens). It has access to a considerable stockpile of weapons but does not significantly influence anything outside of South Zagoria itself.



Flag of Sitia.png Sitia People: Communists and Socialists in Sitia


SouthOyusFlag.png The Southern Oyus Commune – A relatively ignored and small incapable band of separatists, they are advocates for an authoritarian communist regime. The only objective of the SOC is to see that the southern isle of Oyus is independent under a communist regime. Supporters are those who feel that the National Congress doesn't go far enough. It is estimated there are about 200 Oyusards who pledge themselves to the cause.


Klan Reierfer Gebiet – Fringe movement attempting to achieve the independence of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet through diplomatic vote. Has never received enough votes to win a seat in any election.

  • Reierfer Independence Movement
    • Folke Milisie: None

Designated terrorist organizations


Dai Khmaw – Organized Crime and Terrorist Group which seeks to expand presence among inland villages and cities.



  • The Dread Clan - Organized crime syndicate known for acts of arson, bombing, and assassinations.
  • The Adisi Nationalist Front - Radical supremacist organization that seeks to unify the territories of the Adisi Ocean under one banner and cull any foreigners and non-native peoples.