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Area32,400,000 km2 (12,500,000 sq mi)
CountriesList of countries in Alharu
LanguagesList of languages
Time zonesUTC-8 to UTC-2
Largest citiesBogd Gioro, Maurotopia, Ferrefaaierhafen, Grootwaterflakte

Alharu is a continent of Eurth, situated close to the continents of Argis, Thalassa and Aurelia, with which it shares a land border. Much of the Alharun coast was colonised, though parts of it did manage to resist and prosper under indigenous cultures, such as the southern highlands and the massive inland desert. Alharu can be classified as a second-world region, with an average GDP per capita of less than $25,000.


The first people to arrive in Alharu are likely the Azano-Marenesian explorers. It is unknown how they called this land, since the scarce textual sources have not been translated.

The name Alharu is the Sahrabic word for "hot" or "warm place". This is a reference to the warm temperatures in the tropical and desert regions. It is believed that Sahrabic traders visited the continent in the classical period. They were the first Europans to bring back stories about Alharu. And so their name for the continent was used in later descriptions and maps.

One alternative and controversial theory claims that the continent was actually named after the Soluk explorer Álvaro or Al-Bar. (1239-1287).[citation needed]

A single written source from Orioni describes how in 1028 the explorer Esra Tabor (c. 993-1042) sailed east and arrived in a place he called Iruk’i.[citation needed] Linguists doubt this description, since it likely just originated from the generic description iruk’i merēti (Oharic: faraway land).


Alharu is home to a diverse group of countries and regions.

Arms Flag Country GDP (per capita) Area
Population Year Capital
Aurora coa.png Aurora Aurora $49,956 42,346 14,650,803 2023 Tavares
Coat of arms of Cashar.png Cashar Cashar $15,000 343,660 22,412,566 2021 Pavat
Liyana's symbol.png Esonice Esonice $42,289 354,835 33,753,193 2018 Maimedo
Blason Royaume de Lysie V2.png Florentia Florentia $GDP 325,747 25,020,000 $year Montcharmin
Coat of arms fulgistan.png Fulgistan Fulgistan $12,375 352,840 32,000,000 2018 Bogd Gioro
HemahatCOA.png HemahatFlagTemporary.png Hemahat $9,260 293,700 29,159,251 2019 Khewet
No coats of arms.svg Itza Itza $4,897 344,600 38,761,957 2020 Itzal
No coats of arms.svg Kertosono Kertosono $18,857 287,907 28,395,261 2020 Ngawi
Coat of arms Peacario.png Pecario Pecario $9,995  324,700  22,658,480 2022 Santa Borbones
Aten.svg Per-Aten Per-Aten $18,500 250,000 28,000,000 2020 Akhetaten
RhavanSeal3.png Rhava Rhava $GDP 240,000 39,000,000 2019 Rhavapura
Seal of Roqoo.svg Roqoo Roqoo $19,843 325,620 9,897,654 2022 Bellamy
Coat of arms of Variota.png Variota Variota $37,914 380,970 41,910,000 2020 Ferrefaaierhafen
No coats of arms.svg Verde $47,955 23,262 10,009,200 2020 Porto Verde
CoAYM.png Ymutztlaclan-Mizlanuzco $? 424,472 30,428,363 2018 Ferrescan