Group of Island Nations

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Group of Island Nations
Logo of the Group of Island Nations
Membership of the Group of Island Nations
Islands (dark blue) on Eurth.
FormationMay 19, 1974; 50 years ago (1974-05-19)
FounderKenkyō Declaration
Founded atKenkyō, Mitō
Legal statusActive
PurposeOrganisations of maritime nations
HeadquartersTBD (until May 2024)
  • TBD
Secretary General
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The Group of Island Nations (GIN) is a multinational organisation on Eurth. Its members discuss common socio-economical topics challenges as economic development, trade and shipping, ecology, fishing, etc. As island nations, the organisation's members share similar opportunities, concerns, and solutions which are markedly different from other, land-based Eurthican countries.[1]


The 1960s-1970s period on Eurth was a difficult time for many island nations. The Second Argic War (1968-1974) had many negative consequences, including rising energy prices and its effect on their shipping costs. The Group of Island Nations expected their combined influence could pressure the Oil Producing Eurthican Countries to again lower these energy prices. The first (informal) meeting took place in May 1974 in Mitō. It was the first international conference without continental powers, attended by King Tomasso from the Sunset Sea Islands and Michael Cancio from Salvia. They, along with a host of other heads of state and government, effectively amplified the plight of many islands' state of peril. They also vowed to no longer get involved in ‘Great War’ logic. The Kenkyō Declaration was an incredibly optimistic moment of fraternity, solidarity, and pacifism.[2] This resulted in the Group of Island Nations' formation and the appointment of its first secretary-general.[3]


The Group of Island Nations is led by the Secretary-General. This person is appointed to a two-year term by a simple majority vote of the member countries. The Secretary-General is responsible for organising the conference. Current and previous Secretaries-General include:


  1.  Akwisia
  2.  Alvernia
  3.  Andalla
  4.  Apuni
  5.  Ayubi
  6.  Bainbridge Islands
  7.  Burkini
  8.  Damak Var
  9.  Esonice
  10.  Florentia
  11.  Gaellicia
  12.  Galahinda
  13.  Gallambria
  14.  Giokto
  15.  Goankok
  16.  Hangoku
  17.  Hexanesa
  18.  Kolhar
  19.  Konalani
  20.  Kori-Chi
  21.  Llalta
  22.  Miiros
  23.  Mitō
  24.  Niederoestereich
  25.  Orioni
  26.  Oyussa
  27.  Rhava
  28.  Rohini
  29.  San Ba
  30.  San Giorgio
  31.  San Jorge
  32.  Sanctum Imperium Catholicum
  33.  Seylos
  34.  Sunset Sea Islands
  35.  Tarua
  36. Template:Country data Yosai


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  4. OOC. The position of Secretary-General for 2022-2024 was proposed to Safiloa. Unfortunately, they left, so their candidacy is no longer considered canon.