Empire of Dolchland

Flag of Dolchland
Coat of arms of Dolchland
Coat of arms
Map of Dolchland
Map of Dolchland
Largest cityMorthal
Official languagesAlemannisch
GovernmentElective Monarchy
• Emperor
Heinrich Johannes von Fleischmann
LegislatureImperial Diet
Diet of Electors
• Establishment of the Empire
• 2018 estimate
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
• Per capita

Dolchland is a country located in South East Argis. It's closest neighbours are Seylos and Ceris to the south, Velaheria to the north, Stedoria to the north west, and Delamaria and Fravina to the north east. The capital of Dolchland is Schlammburg, however the largest city is Morthal. The nation has a population of 28 Million, divided among its 40 constituent states. With varying degrees of power and importance, Dolchland's constituent states are fairly independent, with only a common Emperor, external foreign policy and law to unite them. Individual states usually maintain their own militaries and are almost all hereditary monarchies.

Dolchland has declined in recent decades, with a low gdp per capita, and widespread inequality between the ruling aristocracy and the common people. There have been several attempted revolutions in Dolchland's history, however most have been put down with force. Democratic parties are present in most states of the empire, however they are banned in some regions, and where they are allowed they are subject to constant raids and abuse by the local governments.


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Location of Dolchland on Eurth.

The country's geography is vast and varied with some areas being extremely mountainous, others being noxious bogs, and others being old forests from before the time of man. Of note, only the southern parts of the country have somewhat mild summers and winters. The rest of the country tends towards mild summers and harsh winters, with snowfall and thick freezing fog being a constant issue for much of the year. Due to its geographical location, much of the Æitiastain region suffers from thick rolling fog, near constant rain, and thunderstorms during the fall wet season. This is caused by warm and wet air being forced above cooler air by storm systems coming off of the Adlantic. The resulting pressure and potential differentials lead to electrostatic discharges being rather common for the season and cool air filled with moisture condensing near the ground.

Special note should be given to the mountain range in the north of the country. The Apf Kadirn-Gebirge are truly massive, with the largest mountain in the world, Jokultitbjarg, rising in them. They are of quite a large amount of historical importance, as wars have been won and lost over the control of passages through them.



(Government. Law. Military. Foreign Relations. Dolchland is an elective monarchy, meaning that when the reigning emperor dies, the Diet of Electors is called to elect a new head of state. The members of the Diet are the monarchs and leaders of Dolchland's constituent states, each with varying amounts of votes in the election depending on the size and power of their domain. The current Emperor is His Imperial Majesty, Heinrich Johannes von Fleischmann, the brother of the King of $Name and nephew of the previous emperor Friedrich Johannes von Fleischmann.

A map of the constituent states of Dolchland.

The empire consists of 5 Kingdoms, 13 Duchies, Landgravites and Electorates and 9 Baronies.


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