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Republic of Estimeria
Motto: United by peace
Official languagesEstimerian
Recognised regional languagesDolch
• Head of State
Grudon Von Harman
• Nation Established
• Estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Per capita

Estimaria, officially the Republic of Estimaria is a small Republic along the South West bank of the Amber Lake. Situated in Central Argis and bordering the nations of Baltica, Transbaltia, Lusuviya and Littland it is a sparsely populated nation with a fledgling economy and industry, boasting an impressive gdp per capita. It is one of the financial hubs of the Amber Lake, with its main industry concentrated around its fledgling fishing Industry and various port services. Estimarias capital and largest city, Kongishafen contains the current largest port within the entire Amber Lake, this being Port Loutvan. Much of Estimaria remains concentrated around Kongishafen, which has left much of rural Estimaria to be forgotten and considerably underdeveloped compared to its large urban metropolis. This has earned it the Nickname "The Nation State", by many investors who consider it a proto-city-state.


The name Estimaria comes from the Esti tribes that inhabited the South West banks of the Amber Lake. They were the primary people of the area hence the Esti part of Estimaria. The second half of the name is of uncertain origins, but is thought to belive to have come from Fort Maria, which had once been the nations capital and cultural center. According to this theory the full name would mean The Esti of Maria which combined would form Estimaria.


Dispite being such a small nation, Estimaria remains one of the largest financial and economic hubs of the Amber Lake region. Bosting a GDP of 23 Billion, and an impresive GDP Per Capita of 21,432 Ringas, its people continue to be some of the most well of in central Argis. It is a strict market economy, that has seen large liberalisation ever since the 80s, which has contributed to a very business friendly and attractive area for companies off all manner to Invest in.

Port Loutvan

Port Loutvan is the main economic hub of not only Kongishafen but Estimaria. Overall 73% of all goods leaving Estimaria go through Port Loutvan, whilst 86% of all goods entering Estimaria also go through the port. It is vital for the economy, as its construction facilities produce many vessels that are often bought by neighbouring states, particularly Baltica. Additionally, the port provides various facilities, like its docking space for fishing vessels and oil storage containers. Much of the oil that enters the Amber Lake goes through Port Loutvan and is then transported to other states like Transbaltia. However, due to backlash from rural communities and the general decline of the highly Liberal government, there has been a greater demand for development outside of Kongishafen and more towards rural communities. The recent Amber Lake Development Fund (ALDF) between Baltica and Estimaria hopes to see a gradual development of areas most neglected by the current government.


Mining is one of the primary sources of Income for people outside of Urban centres. Estimarias south has been discovered to have large deposits of sulfur and magnesium, leading to large investments by both the government and private businesses. Collectively mining accounts for 14% of Estimarias GDP, and it continues to be one of its largest export goods.