Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association

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Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association
Flag of the ATARA
Flag of the ATARA
FormationDecember 12, 2017; 6 years ago (2017-12-12)[1]
FounderIverica, Variota, Andalla, Prymont, and Girkmand
Founded atPorto Altaria, Iverica
Legal statusActive
PurposeStrengthen Non-Military Cooperation Amongst Member States
HeadquartersPorto Altaria, Iverica
Argis, Alharu, and Thalassa
ServicesATARA Bank of Development
16, 3 Observers
Desdemona Tomas-Morra
Main organ
ATARA General Assembly

The Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, as known by its acronym ATARA, comprises of an array of Argic, Thalassan, and Alharun states that is meant to encourage solidarity and cooperation amongst its members to strengthen relations and to aid in times of need, whether they are man-made or natural. This also involves matters of scientific, social, cultural, technical, and administrative fields. ATARA's headquarters is in Porto Altaria, Iverica.


In August of 2012, a summit was held between members of Andallan, Iverican, Prymontian, Girkmandian, and Variotan state personnel. Representatives from all states' foreign offices were present to discuss the potential of an organisation to promote economic and cultural exchange. Initial discussions expressed a consensus that the Tricontinental region of Argis-Thalassa-Alharu lacked a mechanism to promote common interest like commerce and mediums of cross-cultural interaction between state and educational institutions. At that time, the cultural groups involved; Anglo-Dolch, Aloorian, Iberic, Nordic, and Thalassan Islander had shared a generally positive historic relationship throughout the modern era. However, the cultural groups noted the lack of intergovernmental and intercultural organisations. In the year 2016, most international cultural and economic development was largely conducted through non-government organisations like corporate initiatives, private philantrophic organisations, or private educational institutions.

During the summit, an informal think-tank between foreign offices was formed, headed each by respective heads of office. The concepts that would later form the priniciples of the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Charter were first drafted in letters exchanged. Between 2012 and 2017, several more meetings were held in Altaria City, Iverica. Officially, the association was founded under principles of mutual cooperation, unity, equality, peace, prosperity, freedom and well-being through economic and social stability[2]

The ATARA Charter was completed and published in time for the Founding Ceremony on December 12, 2017, held also in Altaria. Altaria City would become designated as the association's headquarters.

In June 12, 2018, ATARA held its first General Assembly[3]. During the Assembly, key issues included a proposal to emplace Sanctions on Dolchland and a proposal to pass a Tariff Reduction Agreement. The Dolch Observer Johann av Kal proposed that a "Full Compliance" status be accepted by the Panel, thereby granting observers access to some association benefits and activities. Out of all proposed issues, only the Tariff Reduction Agreement achieved a Quorum "Aye" vote with 6 votes. Alexander Bendtsen, Delegate of Andalla authored the proposal and named it the "General Common Tariff Scheme Agreement" (GCTSA). This became the association's first passed motion and aimed to reduce tariffs by 25 percent in participating nations. Bendtsen's GCTSA is cited in succeeding proposals as a pioneering proposal credited with opening the discussion in New Wurld tariff reduction agreements.


Membership of ATARA is classified as either Member, Sui Generis Member, or Observer.[4] ATARA operates under the "ATARA Procedural Addendum"[5], or ATARA PA-01 which functions as the source for the organisation's bylaws. Within Procedure II of the PA-01, the Member status is defined as:

...the primary role and rank of a state within the Association. Member States are those granted the majority of voting power and responsibility. Member States are also obligated to attend the Assemblies when called, represented by their chosen delegate.

Whereas Observer Status is defined as:

...a spectator and outside party given the privilege to witness association proceedings and, on some occasions, give comment on association matters. This status is not exclusive to the Tricontinental area and may be extended to any state of Eurth provided that sponsorship has been licitly secured.

Lastly, Sui Generis Status is defined as:

...a unique case wherein an applicant state located outside of the continents of either Argis, Thalassa, or Alharu, has appealed to the sitting Panel for Member Status. This must be in light of outstanding contributions in economic, cultural, or humanitarian efforts which contribute towards the Association’s Charter statements.

Any type of member or observer may choose to withdraw from the ATARA at any point, whether or not a session is in order. The delegate of a member or observer state may make issue a formal announcement of their withdrawal from all rights and privileges granted by the Association. The Association will in turn, bar this state from further proceedings and issue a public announcement of the state's withdrawal. Any former member or observer may choose to re-apply for a ATARA status at any point, provided no suspension or further restrictions have been enacted.


Country Membership Date Delegate Status Notes
United Kingdom of
29 September 2021 Lady Madeleine Eriksson Member
Commonwealth of
12 December 2017 Alexander Bendtsen Member Founding Member, Panel Member
United Kingdom of
8 March 2021 Sir Theodore J. Ingram Member
Serene Kingdom of
8 March 2021 Suminori Sugo Member
Workers' Republic of
6 June 2018 Dr. Zaitao Binsar Member
Kingdom of
21 March 2021 Rt Hon. Alexander Terrell Sui Generis
United Federation of
14 February 2023 Alexei Kurkov Member
Republic of
12 December 2017 Gary Truman Member Founding Member, Panel Member
Republic of
12 December 2017 Desdemona Tomas-Morra Member Founding Member, Panel Member
Most Serene Republic of
19 April 2023 Signora Giorgia Panicucci Member
Kingdom of
6 April 2023 Djat-Sesh-Per-Hemew Ptahmose Member
United States of
12 December 2017 Julian Nordeng Member Founding Member, Panel Member
Kingdom of
16 March 2022 Morgan Linton Member
 Sunset Sea Islands,
Radiant Republic of
12 December 2017 Angela Lernel Member Founding Member
Holy Empire of
17 November 2021 Ioustinos Traskalissaeos Sui Generis
United Variotan State of
12 December 2017 Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaire Member Founding Member, Panel Member



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