Occidental-Azanian Pact

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Occidental-Azanian Pact
Civil Ensign of Singapore.svg
AbbreviationOCA, OCAP
NicknameGodstone Pact
Motto"Strength and Unity"
FormationMay 15, 2021; 13 months ago (2021-05-15)
Founded atGreat Anglia Godstone, Great Anglia
TypeMilitary Alliance

The Occidental-Azanian Pact is a military alliance focused on bringing together many Occidental and Azanian states in one common cause for "strength and unity".


The organisation was founded in support of Great Anglia and Suverina in the 2021 Anglian War. This was the result of a previous meeting by Anglian officials with representatives from Jilderen, Bulungi, Afropa, Sa Hara, Hakenium, and Mahdah. Though the contents of the meeting remain unknown, rumors regarding a possible military alliance began to leak.[1] The OCA was founded in May 2021.[2] At the signing ceremony these signatories were joined by representative from the State of Alshamal, after a military coup removed Grand Vizier Mamadou bin Sambo from office and the figurehead King appointed a new Anglian friendly Grand Vizier.[2]

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