Mercy International

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Mercy International
Mercy International.png
FoundedMay 1973; 51 years ago (1973-05)
HeadquartersZuidhaven, Orioni
ServicesProtecting human rights
FieldsLegal research, Media attention, direct-appeal lobbying
More than three million members and supporters
Adam Brand

Mercy International is an international non-governmental organisation created to advance human rights causes for all Eurth citizens. The organisation was founded in 1973 during the height of the Second Argic War. It operates in accordance with the Assembled Nations (AN). The organisation claims it has more than three million members and supporters around the world.


The mission statement of Mercy International as an organisation is: “Promote unalienable human rights to all individuals, regardless of their origin, background, or person; protect the disadvantaged from violations of their rights; therefore, allow for the health and prosperity of the entire Eurth.”

They define “human rights” as the following, including but not limited to:

  • Civil Rights.
  • Political Rights.
  • Right to liberty, to live your life free of discrimination, to control one's own body, to freely exercise one's religion, to be free from prejudice (on the basis of race, gender, national origin, colour, age, sex, or sexuality), to a fair trial and due process of the law, to accessible and quality education.
  • Freedom of speech and thought.
  • Freedom from slavery, torture, cruel and unusual punishment.

The organisation also seeks to achieve the following five specific goals:

  1. Increase political rights in oppressive nations.
  2. Provide humanitarian aid during times of conflict and crisis.
  3. Designate countries according to their level of human rights via a rating system.[1]
  4. Spread awareness of civil rights campaigns taking place around the wurld.
  5. Condemn national governments that engage in civil rights abuses.[2]


Mr Adam Brand, director of Mercy International.

Mercy International conducts investigations into specific nations that are accused of substantial violations of human rights as determined by our administration. They also update our international rating system, reflecting the current standings of each nation in the wurld.

Each branch within a division coordinates operations within their respective nation. One branch per continent is designated as the headquarters of the division and is led by a Chief Operations Officer, and that branch oversees continent-wide projects. All other branches are coordinated by a Deputy Operations Officer.

Alharu Division

  • Manamana Branch. This branch is the main headquarters of the Alharun Division in Manaca, Manamana's capital. Its Chief Operations officer is Mr Enrique Ferrandis.
  • Per-Aten Branch. This branch is responsible for Mercy International's operations in Per-Aten. Its office is located in Akhetaten, Per-Aten's capital. Its Deputy Operations officer is Prince Atenhotep XIII Sa-Aten, the second in line to the throne of Per-Aten. This unusual arrangement was a condition to allow Mery International to operate in Per-Aten at all.

Argis Division

Aurelia Division

Europa Division

  • Orioni Branch. The main headquarters of Mercy International is located in Zuidhaven, Orioni and thus houses the head branch of all its humanitarian activities and human rights activities. During major humanitarian crises, the Chief Operation Officers will convene here to discuss immediate and long-term solutions. Director of Mercy International is Mr Adam Brand, and the Chief Operations Officer of the Orinese Division is Mrs Cirini Gebere.[3]
  • Tagmatium Branch. The Office of Mercy Internation in Arhomaneia, as it's officially called, will be located in Europatorion once construction is complete. In the meantime, it is located in the capital of Tagmatika. The secretary-general (or Deputy Operations Officer) Mrs Plakidia Lukapena and the staff handle operations in the Occident.[4]

Marenesia Division

  • $country Branch. This branch is the main headquarters of the Marenesian Division in $capitalCity, $country's capital. Its Chief Operations officer is Mr/s $personName.

Thalassa Division

  • Sunset Sea Islands Branch. This branch is the main headquarters of the Thalassa Division in Sunset City, SSI's capital. The Chief Operations Officer is Mr Phó Kiến Ðứ.



  • Overall donations: A$ 100 million


  • Organisational administration: A$ 20 million
  • Department of Divisional Oversight: A$ 10 million
  • Department of Humanitarian Aid: A$ 85 million


The Kronografia news agency of Tagmatium has described MR as “a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing”, highlighting what it calls the “creeping influence” and possible hidden agenda.[4] Additional news articles attempt to establish a connection with the government actions of Orioni, “spreading the ungodly beliefs” while “attempting to undermine our ancient way of life and sow an agenda detrimental to Christianity”.[5]