UENA Football (Eurth)

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Union of National Football Associations
Union des Associations Nationales de Football (UENA)
UENA map.png
Map of UENA members and confederations
Founded1951; 73 years ago (1951)
TypeSports federation
Legal statusGoverning body of association football
PurposeSport governance
HeadquartersVenège, Magnaeus
Region served
132 Associations
AffiliationsInternational Olympic Committee of Eurth

The UENA (Union des Associations Nationales de Football) is the international football league that consists of all national teams that exist on Eurth. It administers all the various associations and regional leagues along with organizing global competitions including the Nations and the greatest stage for football, the World Cup. Previously there were 3 major confederations until frustrations from Alharun and Thalassan programs created their own in late 2021. There are 4 major associations: The Argic & Football Association (AFA), the Alharun & Thalassan Football Confederation (ATFC), the Aurelia & Marenesia Football Confederation (AMFC), and the Europan Continental Football Association (ECFA). Each subordinate association to the UENA arranges and administers all competitions within their geographic boundaries. The UENA is headquartered in the capital of Magnaeus, Venège.


UENA C.C. Member Nation National Team Association World Rank
ADA Adaptus Adapton Falcons ECFA 11
ADL Andalla Andskunds ATFC 6
AFR Afropa Afropa National Football Team ECFA 34
AHR Ahrana Ahrana National Football Team AFA 45
AKI Akiiryu Akiiyan Greens ECFA 43
ANG Great Anglia Anglian National Football Team ECFA 39
AUR Aurivizh Aurivizht Black Ermines AFA 22
CRI Cristina Squadra d'Oro ECFA 20
CSH Cashar Cashari National Football Team AFA 42
DNT Republic of Dniester Dniestrian Football Team AFA 18
DTH Derthalen Derthaler Golden Boys AFA 36
EKA Emakera Emakera Blues ECFA 16
ESO Esonice Esonian Angry Koi ATFC 28
FAR Faramount I Verde ECFA 15
FLG Fulgistan Fulgistani Golden Tigers ATFC 12
GAL Gallambria Gallambria Lions AMFC 4
GHN Galahinda Galahindan Football Team AFA 14
GMD Girkmand Girkmand National Football Team AFA 26
HKD Hakenium Hakenian Football Team ECFA 19
IDJ Ide Jima Ide Jiman Football Team ECFA 41
IVE Iverica Iverican National Football Team AFA 3
KHA Kharai Kharanese Dholes ATFC 47
KIR Kirvina Kirvinan Football Team AMFC 23
LIT Littland Littish National Football Team AFA 48
MAG Magnaeus Magnaeus National Football Team ECFA 25
MAU Mauridiviah Mauridiviah Vinotinto ATFC 10
MHD Mahana Mahanan Blue Coats ECFA 33
MHD Mahdah Mahdavian Football Team ECFA 29
MII Miiros Miirosi Shadow Lions ECFA 5
MIT Mito Shffahkia Jaguars AMFC 17
MTL Mantella Mantellan National Football Team ECFA 40
ORI Orioni Orioni Orcas ECFA 32
OYR Oyus Oyusard Sharks AMFC 44
PMT Prymont Prymontian Yetis AFA 38
RHA Rhava Rhavanese Dolphins ATFC 46
SAA Saale Saale National Football Team AFA 30
SAH Sa Hara Sa Haran National Football Team ECFA 31
SEF Sefesia Sefesian National Football Team AMFC 8
SEL Seylos Seylosi National Football Team AFA 27
SSI Sunset Sea Islands SSI Blacksuns ATFC 1
STE Stedoria Stedorian Vanguards AFA 37
TAG Tagmatine Empire Tagmatine Leopards ECFA 21
TAM Tamurin Tamurin Nationalelf ECFA 35
URL Lysian Republic Lysan National Football Team ECFA 7
VAR Variota Variotan Golden Privateers ATFC 2
ZAX Zaxar Zaxar Tomahawks AMFC 9


World Cup

The UENA World Cup is the most prestigious football competition in all of Eurth. 16 of the world's greatest teams are given the opportunity to win. The host country is always one of the participating teams.


League Cups

  1. Euro Cup 2006 (27 September 2006)