UENA Football (Eurth)

Legal statusGoverning body of association football
PurposeSport governance
HeadquartersVenège, Magnaeus
Region served
60 Associations

The UENA (Union des Associations Nationales de Football) is the international football league that comprises of all national teams that exist on Eurth. It administers all the various associations and regional leagues along with organizing global competitions including the Nations and the greatest stage for football, the World Cup. There are 3 major associations: the Argis & Northern Alharu Football Association (ANAFA), the Southern Alharu, Thalassa, Aurelia & Marenesia Football Confederation (SATAMFC), and the Europan Continental Football Association (ECFA). Each subordinate association to the UENA arranges and administers all competitions within their geographic boundaries. The UENA is headquartered in the capital of Magnaeus, Venège.


UENA country code Member Nation National Team Association World Rank
ORI Orioni Orioni Orcas ECFA
GAL Gallambria Gallambria Lions SATAMFC
MAU Mauridiviah Mauridiviah Vinotinto SATAMFC
PMT Prymont Prymontian Yetis ANAFA
VAR Variota Variotan Golden Privateers ANAFA
DTH Derthalen Derthaler Golden Boys ANAFA
CRI Cristina Squadra d'Oro ECFA
ADA Adaptus Adapton Falcons ECFA
IVE Iverica Iverican National Football Team ANAFA
SEY Selayar Seylari Blue Tigers SATAMFC
FLG Fulgistan Fulgistani Golden Tigers ANAFA
SHF Shffahkia Shffahkia Jaguars SATAMFC
ASG Asgeirria Asgeirrian National Football Team SATAMFC
SSI Sunset Sea Islands SSI Blacksuns SATAMFC
LIM Limonaia I Falchi ANAFA
EFR Eurofuhrer Eurofuhrer National Football Team ANAFA
MOR Morheim Morheim National Football Team ANAFA
PAL Pallamara Pallamaran National Football Team SATAMFC
AFR Afropa Afropa National Football Team ECFA
AHR Ahrana Ahrana National Football Team ANAFA
AST Astriedan Astriedan National Football Team ANAFA
CSH Cashar Cashari National Football Team ANAFA
URL Lysian Republic Lysan National Football Team ECFA
GMD Girkmand Girkmand National Football Team ANAFA
BUR Great Burlington Burlintonian National Football Team ECFA
SRB Greater Serbia Serbian National Football Team ANAFA
LFL Little Flau Flauian National Football Team SATAMFC
MAG Magnaeus Magnaeus National Football Team ECFA
MII Miiros Miirosi Shadow Lions ECFA
SEL Seylos Seylosi National Football Team ANAFA
TAG Tagmatine Empire Tagmatine Leopards ECFA
SYF Sayf Sayfi National Football Team ANAFA
FAR Faramount I Verde SATAMFC
BEL Beleareas Beleareas National Football Team ANAFA
BER Bergistan Bergistani National Football Team TBD
SAA Saale Saale National Football Team ANAFA
ADL Andalla Andskunds SATAMFC
MTL Mantella Mantellan National Football Team ECFA
SAH Sa Hara Sa Haran National Football Team ECFA
KLA Kualoa Kualoan National Football Team SATAMFC
QAR Qardania Qardanian National Football Team ECFA
CAV Cavunia Cavunian National Football Team ANAFA
ITA Italgria Italgria Rossoneri ECFA
TAM Tamurin Tamurin Nationalelf ECFA
EKA Emakera Emakera Blues ECFA
PMG PyeMcGowan Llewod PyeMcGowanig ANAFA
DNT Republic of Dniester Dniestrian Football Team ANAFA
ALN Alenveil Alenian Football Team ANAFA
SYL Sylvet Sylvetian Football Team ANAFA
KIR Kirvina Kirvinan Football Team SATAMFC
OYR Oyus Oyusard Sharks SATAMFC
HKD Hakenium Hakenium Football Team ECFA
IDJ Ide Jima Ide Jiman Football Team ECFA
MHD Mahdah Mahdahian Football Team ECFA
AKI Akiiryu Akiiyan Greens ECFA
GHN Galahinda Galahindan Football Team ANAFA
MEZ Metztlitlalio Mezzalunic National Football Team SATAMFC


World Cup

The UENA World Cup is the most prestigious football competition in all of Eurth. 16 of the world's greatest teams are given the opportunity to win. The host country is always one of the participating teams.


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League Cups