Unaligned States of Azania

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Unaligned States of Azania
African America Flag.svg
MottoVox clamantis in deserto
FormationMay 17, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-05-17)
TypeMilitary Alliance

The Unaligned States of Azania is a defensive military alliance in Azanian Europa on Eurth. It was founded independent countries that advocate a middle way and refuse to align themselves with neither the Occidental-Azanian Pact (OCA) nor the Entente of Oriental States (EOS). The USA is primarily focused on deflecting any military aggression by the expansionist OCA during the 2021 Anglian War. However, in December 2021 the former Orinese foreign councillor Sri Andrew Pipkin claimed that: “The Unaligned States of Azania (USA), in isolation, are unlikely to be able to deter the OCA.”[1]

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