Europa (region)

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Population301 (highest)[1]
Countries1 (currently)[2]

Europa was a NationStates region. Established on 9 January 2004, this region described itself as “a diverse mosaic of all types of governments, based on the ideals of freedom and democracy.” They enjoyed a realist, Modern Tech, RP and offered a good community spirit. They appreciated good writing and were proud of their solid history and lore. The region featured an active off-site forum, extensive maps collection, and in-depth national factbooks and lore.

The region was dismantled on 2 April 2019 by the former founder account The Europa Empire[3] controlled by caretaker Vocenae.[4] This action effectively ended the 15-year-old region of Europa. This dismantling happened in two phases. On April 1st, the caretaker dismissed all regional officers and the elected WA delegate. On April 2nd, every single member of the community was kick-banned to The Rejected Realms.[5] The exiled community quickly found refuge in the newly formed region of Eurth, where they remain to this day, prospering and doing better than ever.[6]


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