Criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates of Eurth

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This page provides a comprehensive guide to the various criminal enterprises, gangs, and syndicates that exist on Eurth.

For each entry, provide the name of the entity, the activities they are involved in, where they operate, and any notable members. Feel free to provide any other additional information you may want to include.

The Dimitrovski Gang

The Dimitrovski Gang, often simply called the Dimitrovskici, is a Lukan organized crime organization headquartered in the Slobodapole district of Lukinagrad. Originally involved in counterfeit cigarette operations and the handling of stolen goods, the Dimitrovskici expanded into the drug trade when it took over most personnel and assets of the Radomirci gang, a competitor and rival of the Dimitrovskici. Currently, the Dimitrovskici operates a mixture of legal and illegal enterprises. With the Lukan Inclusion into Het Huisselant, their drug trade operations have become semi-legal. Additionally, the leader of the Dimitrovskici, Romeo Dimitrovski, maintains two Altvarna Automotive dealerships; said dealerships are commonly accepted to be part of the Dimitrovskici.

Beyond sending shipments out of Lukinagrad, the Dimitrovskici operate solely within Lukinagrad. It operates various partnerships with foreign, primarily Variotan, crime organizations to ensure a market for its products. Conspiracy theorists claim that the Dimitrovskici maintain a partnership with Het Apparath, the Variotan secret service, and point towards the sudden take over of the Radomirci as proof. The Radomirci were deemed the leading crime organization within Lukinagrad before the sudden and violent death of its leader, Nikolai Radimir, who coincidentally also operated car dealerships, albeit for second-hand automobiles.

The Dimitrovskici maintain a cautious but peaceful relationship with the Zadvorski Syndicate, operating from the Zadvorski Red district of Lukinagrad. These two groups are the only two organized crime organizations maintaining operations within Lukinagrad.

Het Apparath

Het Apparath, the primary intelligence agency of Het Huisselant Variota, has long been shrouded in mystery and allegations that it maintains a myriad of legal and illegal ventures to fulfill its duty. Among said allegations are ventures such as drug production, smuggling, assassinations, blackmail and overthrowing legally elected governments. Connections are rumored to be many and widespread, often rumored to be worldwide and active in any nation engaging in international trade.

One of its primary operational methods is through a refined 'silver or lead' offer, criminals and regular citizens are offered a chance to align themselves to Het Apparath and its dealings in exchange for payment, power and protection, risk losing their life or worse, being replaced by a near identical doppelganger. Due to its long existence, world renowned reputation and the shroud of mystery surrounding 'The Machine', many agree outright to work with the organization.

Unconfirmed conspiracies found in the deep corners of the internet connect Het Apparath to the Lukan Inclusion into Het Huisselant, the accidental death of the former Ahranaian leader Greggor Ivanoff, large-scale drug trade between Het Apparath and corrupt Argic officials and replacing high level officials with doppelgangers throughout the world.

Oyusard Organized Crime

While Oyus doesn't see much crime thanks to progressive policies, nothing is perfect. Criminal organizations still find their ways to carry out their agenda.

  • The Ceta Brigade is a Farla based gang that finds its roots from the time of the Oyus Republic. With corruption running rampant from the top down, they quickly grew by starting off with counterfeiting currency and money laundering. Over time, it has since distanced from the white collared nature of crime and delved into violent and disruptive activities such as terrorism or assault. In greyer areas, they compete with the Dread Clan for territory across the islands and have a known protection racket.
  • The Dread Clan is a Brisore based organization that was built on drug trafficking, human trafficking, and lethal arm trafficking. It is perhaps the furthest reaching into Eurth from Oyus while the others are more domestic. They have a reputation of quite literally playing with fire, committing arson and contract killing.
  • Sisterhood of Nix is a Farla based gang that was founded by three former prostitutes that were pimped out by the Ceta Brigade. Perhaps the group that is given most leniency by authorities, it can be at times be viewed as a vigilante group that has criminal investment. Their activities in addition to vigilantism include forced labor (mostly of Brigade and Clan members), cybercrime, and illegal arm sales. They also ar eknown to contract kill, though it is often in line with vigilantism.


The Mandate is the remnant organization tied to the government in control of Seylos in the 1940s and early 50s. After losing control of the government, the Mandate went into hiding and dedicated itself to increasing Seylosian power from the shadows. Over the years the organization went from trying to reimpliment the original Mandate government, to unflinching loyalty to the current government. However they see that more drastic measures are required to maintain Seylosian supremacy and are willing to go farther than the Seylosian government is to achieve it. This includes, but isn't limited to: Assasination, terrorism, black market activity, and weapons dealing. It's rumored that the coup attempt aginst King Aidan was sponsered by this mysterious group, and much of the troubles of Ceris origninate from them.

Black Hat

Black Hat is a group of internet criminal notorious for spreading classified information. Without official leadership, the group operates throughout Eurth.

Santa Polvo Cartel (Cártel de Santa Polvo)

The Santa Polvo Cartel is a large, international organized crime syndicate specializing in illegal drug trafficking and money laundering. Established in Pecario in the late 2000s, it is currently led by an unknown figure nicknamed El Ombre. The cartel deals in cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, fentanyl, cannabis, and MDMA, and boasts 100,000 armed members according to Pecarian government sources. Their operations extend beyond Pecario to Manamana, Itza, Baltica, Xio, Florentia, Garindina, the United Republic of Aurelia, and in Europa.