Criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates of Eurth

This page provides a comprehensive guide to the various criminal enterprises, gangs, and syndicates that exist on Eurth.

For each entry, provide the name of the entity, the activities they are involved in, where they operate, and any notable members. Feel free to provide any other additional information you may want to include.

The Dimitrovski Gang

The Dimitrovski Gang, often simply called the Dimitrovskici, is a Lukan organized crime organization headquartered in the Slobodapole district of Lukinagrad. Originally involved in counterfeit cigarette operations and the handling of stolen goods, the Dimitrovskici expanded into the drug trade when it took over most personnel and assets of the Radomirci gang, a competitor and rival of the Dimitrovskici. Currently, the Dimitrovskici operates a mixture of legal and illegal enterprises. With the Lukan Inclusion into Het Huisselant, their drug trade operations have become semi-legal. Additionally, the leader of the Dimitrovskici, Romeo Dimitrovski, maintains two Altvarna Automotive dealerships; said dealerships are commonly accepted to be part of the Dimitrovskici.

Beyond sending shipments out of Lukinagrad, the Dimitrovskici operate solely within Lukinagrad. It operates various partnerships with foreign, primarily Variotan, crime organizations to ensure a market for its products. Conspiracy theorists claim that the Dimitrovskici maintain a partnership with Het Apparath, the Variotan secret service, and point towards the sudden take over of the Radomirci as proof. The Radomirci were deemed the leading crime organization within Lukinagrad before the sudden and violent death of its leader, Nikolai Radimir, who coincidentally also operated car dealerships, albeit for second-hand automobiles.

The Dimitrovskici maintain a cautious but peaceful relationship with the Zadvorski Syndicate, operating from the Zadvorski Red district of Lukinagrad. These two groups are the only two organized crime organizations maintaining operations within Lukinagrad.

Het Apparath

Het Apparath, the primary intelligence agency of Het Huisselant Variota, has long been shrouded in mystery and allegations that it maintains a myriad of legal and illegal ventures to fulfill its duty. Among said allegations are ventures such as drug production, smuggling, assassinations, blackmail and overthrowing legally elected governments. Connections are rumored to be many and widespread, often rumored to be worldwide and active in any nation engaging in international trade.

One of its primary operational methods is through a refined 'silver or lead' offer, criminals and regular citizens are offered a chance to align themselves to Het Apparath and its dealings in exchange for payment, power and protection, risk losing their life or worse, being replaced by a near identical doppelganger. Due to its long existence, world renowned reputation and the shroud of mystery surrounding 'The Machine', many agree outright to work with the organization.

Unconfirmed conspiracies found in the deep corners of the internet connect Het Apparath to the Lukan Inclusion into Het Huisselant, the accidental death of the former Ahranaian leader Greggor Ivanoff, large-scale drug trade between Het Apparath and corrupt Argic officials and replacing high level officials with doppelgangers throughout the world.

Kushnik Láo Bratva

The Kushnik Láo Bratva (KLB) is considered the sole operating gang in Bulgenstaz. It conducts in various trafficking, extortion, racketeering, and terrorism crimes within the state. It is claimed by the government to be linked to various imperialist benefactors who wish to undermine the Bulgenstazi national unity and democracy. The gang itself is considered "an Enemy of the People," and any person found to have connections to the gang are convicted for treason. While much more prevalent from 1993-2009, there are still reports of violence and crime related to the KLB.

Notable incidents surrounding the Kushnik Láo Bratva would be the "Uzków Incident" in 1993, where a large smuggling bust incurred a variety of violent acts within and around Uzków. Before this incident, the Bulgenstazi Government had considered the gang as a minor drug cartel. The KLB has since been labeled as a terrorist crime organization.

Concerns surrounding the gang's presence in Bulgenstaz, as well as their presence in the global crime scene, is still under investigation by the state. Regardless, the government maintains a harsh stance against any and all operatives of the KLB.

Kovok Yitashikæn

The Kovok Yitashikæn of Rateg is one of the most well-known organized crime families in the Republic. Led by the feared Almar Kovok, they engage in:

  • Arms, human, and drug trafficking
  • Racketeering
  • Loansharking
  • Illegal gambling
  • Contract killing
  • Paid political antagonism and assassination

Byrgudd Organisation

The Byrgudd Organisation is a PyeMcGowian Crime Syndicate responsible for the importing of illegal narcotics, mass murders, and assassinations and money laundering.

The Organisation’s founding is believed to have been during the early 1800s as Trade was prospering, they operated a fleet of pirate vessels that attacked these unguarded treasure troves. Many have suggested that leaders of the group were connected to high ranking officials in the navy, preventing the use of the navy fleet against their ships. Merchant vessels grew larger and harder to capture over time, the group expanded into smuggling, especially with newly banned narcotics, that the lower classes of PyeMcGowan craved. As they grew so did their numbers, in both Poggles And their workforce, which made them easier to track down, so they split the syndicate into 16 different groups, all very carefully connected by their head.

During the mid-1900s they became known for arms dealing, they sold weapons to the Pyesheviks, the earlier form of the AA and even branches of the Theodorian Military. They are also known for supporting the Democratic Republic of Jones Island in 1960. Today, they control multiple illegal industries, and it is estimated that in 2017 they made 1.8 Billion from the drug trade alone. Notable members include; Alan Capogne, caught 1929, Simon ‘Big fella’ Unitsen, And Anthony De Sanchez-Unitsen, Currently Free, from avoiding charges.

Harel Mob

Due to Harel's importance as the economic heart of Tikva, organized crime is present. The Harel Mob as it is known comprises of mainly of Aluxians who have emigrated to Tikva during the 1970s and 1980s. Dmitri Markov is the boss of the group and under his leadership, they've gotten their fingers involved in numerous activities including prostitution, money laundering, loansharking, counterfeiting, accounting, fraud, trafficking of arms and munitions, car theft, illegal casinos, protection and extortion rackets, and illegal diamond smuggling and trading. In the last five years, the Harel Mob was increased its international business with other disreputable organizations including the Onikanabo of Kipan.

Kipanese Organized Crime

  • The Hogosha: a quasi-legal criminal organization that ostensibly exists to promote the "welfare and prosperity of the Kipanese people". Hogosha translates literally as "guardian" or "protector," though they are far from the actual moniker. The organization maintains a close relationship to Samura which makes dismantling them nigh impossible, but they do not have free license to operate. Arrests of low-level operators who flaunt their activities are frequent and keep up appearances. Their presence has only grown following the introduction of Republicanism to Kipan. The Hogosha handle art and gun smuggling, illegal gambling, and the fencing of stolen goods. They also do occasional dirty work for Samura. They refuse to get involved in the drug trade.
  • The Kaizoku: Active in fraud, illegal pornography, bookmaking and match-fixing, prostitution, and infiltration.
  • The Kagemusha: Engages in transportation contracts, contract killing, cybercrime, extortion, and blackmail.
  • The Onikanabo: Known to get involved in arms smuggling and trafficking, contract killing, murder, and assassinations.

Oyuard Organized Crime

While Oyus doesn't see much crime thanks to progressive policies, nothing is perfect. Criminal organizations still find their ways to carry out their agenda.

  • The Ceta Brigade is a Farla based gang that finds its roots from the time of the Oyus Republic. With corruption running rampant from the top down, they quickly grew by starting off with counterfeiting currency and money laundering. Over time, it has since distanced from the white collared nature of crime and delved into violent and disruptive activities such as terrorism or assault. In greyer areas, they compete with the Dread Clan for territory across the islands and have a known protection racket.
  • The Dread Clan is a Brisore based organization that was built on drug trafficking, human trafficking, and lethal arm trafficking. It is perhaps the furthest reaching into Eurth from Oyus while the others are more domestic. They have a reputation of quite literally playing with fire, committing arson and contract killing.
  • Sisterhood of Nix is a Farla based gang that was founded by three former prostitutes that were pimped out by the Ceta Brigade. Perhaps the group that is given most leniency by authorities, it can be at times be viewed as a vigilante group that has criminal investment. Their activities in addition to vigilantism include forced labor (mostly of Brigade and Clan members), cybercrime, and illegal arm sales. They also ar eknown to contract kill, though it is often in line with vigilantism.