Holidays of Eurth

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This overview of the current holidays on Eurth includes both religious and secular feasts.

  Religious   Observance   National   Regional   Unofficial   Other   None of the above

Name Date Observed Working Day Observed By
Ahuni First day of spring (day of Vernal equinox) No  Orioni
L'elevazione March 17 No  Cristina
Festival of the Ancestors 21-23rd of Brax (March) Yes  Faramount
Easter Varies; generally early April Varies  Faramount

 Batengdei  Cristina  Gotneska

Restoration Day 29 May No  Orioni
Liberation Day August 11 No  Batengdei
Republic Day December 3 No  Faramount
Christmas December 25 Varies  Faramount

 Batengdei  Cristina  Gotneska