Côte de Fourrure

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République de Côte de Fourrure

Côte de Fourrure
Motto: "Gaurdian of the Sea"
Map of Côte de Fourrure
Map of Côte de Fourrure
CapitalPort au Sud
Largest cityFort de Phoque
Official languagesLysian
Ethnic groups
Lysian (65%), Fearanneth (19%), Powhaten (8%) Therno (7%), Other (1%)
GovernmentMilitary Stratocracy
• General
Field Marshal Caitlin Friseal
• Côte de Fourrure
~1700 CE
• Fearannth Côte de Fourrure
1756 CE
• Côte de Fourrure
November 5th, 1902 CE
000 km2 (0 sq mi)
• Estimate
• 2022 census
• Density
000/km2 (0.0/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyFourruren Dollar ($) (FD)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+899
Internet TLD.cf
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Côte de Fourrure, officially known as the République de Côte de Fourrure, is a sovereign state in southern Aurelia on Eurth. It is bordered by Zaxar and Powhaten to the north, the Wampanoag Sea to the east, the Adlantic Ocean to the south, and Pequot and Patuxet to the west. This fairly small nation is a culturally Lysian and Fearann dictatorship.


  • 1700: Côte de Fourrure was founded in the early 1700s by Lysian fishers, whalers, fur traders, and merchants. It became an important center of trade connecting the west and the east.
  • 1756: Côte de Fourrure was seized by Fearannteth as a colony in 1756. (Unrelated: Several thousand Lysians fled north, assimilated with the natives, and eventually founded Zaxar.)
  • 1902: Conflict in Fearannteth led to the colonial government losing control. On 5 November 1902, the self-governing nation of Côte de Fourrure was founded.
  • 1904: Shortly afterwards, an ethnically Fearann military coup took over the government.
  • 2022: The Fourruren government increasingly aligned itself with Great Anglia and the Occidental-Azanian Pact. They wanted to maintain their grip on power against the ethnic Lysian resistance.