Legality of euthanasia in Eurth

The legality of euthanasia in Eurth varies by country, as euthanasia is legal in some countries, while it is not in other countries, although assisted suicide (a practice in which an individual provides a competent patient with assistance, but where the individual brings about their own death) is.

Legality of Euthanasia by country

     Euthanasia is illegal
     Euthanasia is illegal, but assisted suicide is legal (or vice versa)
     Euthanasia varies by administrative divisions
     Euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal

Nation Status Details
 Rihan Euthanasia is illegal. The Senate has banned the use of euthanasia.
 Derthalen Mercy killing is legal. Persons who are doomed or useless may be put down to end their suffering and stop the waste of resources. Those who are healthy and productive must take their own lives.
 Oyus Euthanasia is legal. The National Congress recognizes the right to choose one's own destiny.
 Mauridiviah Euthanasia is legal. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are freely provided by the state in cases of terminal illness with psychologist approval.
 Limonaia Euthanasia is illegal. TBD
 Sylvet Euthanasia is legal. The Ministry of Welfare grants all citizens the right to their own life.
 Gallambria Euthanasia is legal Gallambrian adults who are mentally competent and suffering intolerably and permanently have the right to a doctor's help in dying. To prevent Suicide Tourism, only people eligible for Medicare may use it.
 Batengdei Euthanasia is legal. The People's Grand Parliament recognizes the right of all citizens to end their lives on their own terms.
 Variota Euthanasia is legal. Variotans are allowed to end their own lives, although there are certain legal requirements. There are no such legal requirements for foreign citizens, which has led to suicide tourism to facilities that offer their services to foreigners.
 Faramount Euthanasia is illegal. Faramount treats euthanasia as murder, though there is effectively no enforcement of this prohibition.