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Kingdom of Euandria
Desputatun tu Euandria
Flag of Euandria
Map of Euandria
Map of Euandria
Official languagesSporsian Fragran
Demonym(s)Euandrian (Euandrianu)
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy
• Desput (King)
Teognostu II
• Mesasun (Prime Minister)
Petroniu Numeniu
• Abdication of Jiojiu IV of Sporsia
• Declaration of Kingdom of Euandria
• 2022 census
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
$205 billion
• Per capita
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft
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The Kingdom of Euandria is a sovereign nation in the central Amutian region of Europa, one of the continents of Eurth. It is bordered to the north by Sporsia, to the south by Qubdi and to the west by Suverina. It shares a maritime border with Akiiryu. The Kingdom is mainly rural and has a population of 24.8 million. The population is mainly concentrated around the Bay of Euandros and in the north of the country, although the $$$ river on the southern border is also another population centre. The deserts of Amutia begin towards the southern border of Euandria. The total area of Euandria is $ToBeCalculated.

Euandria is a semi-constitutional monarchy, in that the monarch of Euandria retains substantial powers whilst still exercising authority within the bounds of the written constitution. Originally, when Euandria declared independence from Sporsia in 1866 after the abdication of Vasliu Vasliun (Anglish: “King of Kings”) Jeorjiu IV in 1864, the country was ruled as an absolute monarchy. This has become ameliorated over the years, especially through the influence of Qubdi after that country became a republic. The capital city is Charpesiciun, which is also the largest city, as well as the cultural and economic centre of Euandria. Its urban area has a population of 1.3 million. The second-largest city, in the south-west of the country, is Tefrice, with a population of 0.7 million.

The Kingdom is considered to be a developing country and has a GDP of $231 billion and a per capita GDP of $9,335. It is mainly focused on the agricultural sector, supplying the needs of its southern neighbour. The government is increasingly trying to develop the country's service and telecommunications sectors. Euandria is a small power, with a close relationship and alliance with the Republic of Qubdi. Its southwestern neighbour Suverina is held at arms' length and is often viewed antagonistically, due to the history of clashes between Qubdi and Suverina. The Occidental nation and great power Tagmatium is viewed with suspicion, despite the shared cultural history and religion, and the harbouring of the Tagmatine government-in-exile during the Rule of the Admirals. The Kingdom maintains a low level of hostility with Sporsia, as the two have fought several sporadic wars since Euandria became independent and as the aggressor, with the goal of uniting both nations under the same monarchy.