Religion on Eurth

List of Religions

Religion Offshoots Followers Core Text
The Imperial Truth The Machine Cult
The Alleman Doctrine
The Blood Cult
29,283,179 (Native), 17,000+ (Foreign), 100-500+ (Offshoots) The Sagas
The Books of Prayer
The Cornerstones
Juddism Reform
Masorti (Conservative)
Dati (Orthodox)
13,470,000 (native), 5,000,000-7,000,000 (Foreign) Setgvek
Catholic Chrisitanity Ahranaian Catholic
Salvian Catholicism
(Unknown) -
Orthodox Chrisitanity Cristinese Orthodox
Ahranaian Orthodox
Dniestrian Orthodox
(Unknown) -
Tacolic Christianity Burritonians
50,400,250 (Native), 40,000,000+ (Foreign) L'Biblia,
De doctrina Tacolica,
Summa Theologica
Limonaian Catholicism None 41,367,720 (Native), 27,279,322 (Foreign) -
Aconism Modern Aconism
Orthodox Aconism
1,700,000-2,100,000 (Native) The Book of Acona
Variotan Christianity Saalian Protestantism 33,600,000 (Native), 5,830,000 (Foreign) -
Salam Alharun Salam
Argic Salam
(Unknown) -
Cult of Sargon - 1,500 (Underground) -
Teōmatiliztli Metztli - 16.5 million -