Religion on Eurth

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Eurth is home to a variety of religions. While the terms "faith," "belief system," and "religion" are often used interchangeably, religion differs in that it has a public aspect. This interactive table allows you to explore the major religious beliefs found around the world. The table is organized alphabetically and includes brief descriptions of each religion, its offshoots, the number of followers it has, and its core religious texts. The data used in this table was gathered from a 2024 Assembled Nations demographic study of over 137 countries and territories.

Religion Offshoots Followers Core Text
Aconism Modern Aconism
Orthodox Aconism
1,700,000-2,100,000 (Native) The Book of Acona
Akhishi None (Unknown) None
Amisti None 75,296,000 None
Catholic Christianity Salvian Catholicism
Tacolic Catholicism
(Unknown) The Bible (L'Biblia)
De doctrina Tacolica
Summa Theologica
Cuexpalli Nepanatla
1,293,854 (Native) None
Elitism Satirism 50,680,000 Mihuri Iliti (Holy Attest of Elitism) by Prophet Misikirineti
Enlightened Aroman Church Orthodox Aroman Church in Ebrary 415,000,000+
Gaism Gaism in Mahana
Pushpambara Gaism
28,000,000+ Verda
Orthodox Christianity None 381,900,521+ Septuagint
Holy Gospel
Phosattism  None 325,535,433[1] Scripts of Illumination
Principles of Radiance
Protestant Christianity Church of Ebrary (Unknown) The Bible
Qubdi Coptic Orthodox Church None (Unknown)
Salam Alharun Salam
Argic Salam
183,263,963 None
Tacolic Christianity Burritonians
50,400,250 (Native)
40,000,000+ (Foreign)
De doctrina Tacolica
Summa Theologica
Tikälim None 15,000,000+ Treatise on Reason, Truth, Evidence, and Progress
Variotan Christianity Saalian Protestantism 33,600,000 (Native)
5,830,000 (Foreign)
Vjoldinism None 34,643,677 Sköpbók
Yehudah Reform Yehudah
Conservative Yehudah
Orthodox Yehudah
Kalamist Yehudah
6,476,297 (native)
5,000,000-7,000,000 (Foreign)


  1. As of the latest glubal census in 2023, approximately 8% of Eurth's population identified as Phosattist.