List of Airports on Eurth

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The following are lists of airports by IATA code and ANCAO / ICAO code:

Airport Name Nation IATA ANCAO / ICAO Location Served Time DST
Klarsby International Airport  Andalla KRB CAKL[1] Greater Arkhavn UTC-09:00 TBA
Langueuil Airport, Siobhansviði  Gotneska LAN TBA Greater Læniguëuíl UTC+01:00 TBA
Ivan Petersen International Airport  Andalla ARK CARK[1] Greater Arkhavn UTC-09:00 TBA
O’polis International Airport  Orioni OPO TBA O'polis UTC+09:00 TBA
Sudvik Bay International Airport  Andalla SKB CASV[1] Sudvik UTC-09:00 TBA
Yulaa Bay International Airport  Oyus YUL YULA[1] Yulaa UTC-03:00 TBA
Dākuōku International Airport  Kori-Chi TBD MKDA[1] Dākuōku UTC+03:00 TBA
Zaxar Imperial Airport  Zaxar IZA AZIZ Sandrica UTC-04:00 N/A
Bostar Imperial Airport  Zaxar IBA AZIB Bostar UTC-04:00 N/A
Malinsk Imperial Airport  Zaxar IMA AZIM Malinsk UTC-04:00 N/A
Victoire-Gaël Allard International Airport  Advocatius VGA BAVA Victoires and Côte d'Acier UTC-05:00 N/A


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 These airports use an outdated ANCAO/ICAO code. They are currently under review.