EurthVision Song Contest

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EurthVision Song Contest
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Logo since 2018
Also known as
  • EurthVision
  • EVSC
  • Eurthsongfestival
GenreSong contest
Presented byList of presenters
Original language(s)Anglish
No. of episodes18 contests
Production location(s)Hosted by previous winner (List of host cities)
Production company(s)EurthVision Broadcasting Association
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Original release2006 –
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The EurthVision Song Contest, known simply as EurthVision, is an annual international song competition featuring countries from all across Eurth. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television and radio, then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the winner.


This table is a list of cities and countries that have hosted the contest, one or more times. Traditionally, the winning country becomes host for the next year's competition.[a]

Year Host Winner
Country Location Country Song
2006  Tamurin[1] Alaghon  Dolchland “My Kind Of Hearts” by Arnold Castle
2007  Dolchland Schlammburg  Kotowari “Sound Of Joy” by Blaze
2008  Kotowari Kotowari City  Esonice “Easy Moves” by Faith Khan
2009  Esonice Maimedo  Noble Nykia “Pictures Of Mirrors” by Reed Strong
2010  Noble Nykia Musha  Prymont “Light Games” by Taylor Quest
2011  Prymont New Halsham  Yien “Goodbye Chances” by Zephyr
2012  Yien Wengabiook  San Lorenzo “Soul Of Tomorrow” by Martin Ariza
2013  San Lorenzo San Lorenzo  Abantium “Prayer Of The Wurld” by Flux
2014  Abantium Inhlokodolobha  Norrium “Change My Inner Fire” by River Forrest
2015  Norrium Hakbar  Shapashun “Stranger Of Nowhere” by Shay Ash
2016  Shapashun Gabal  Eulycea “Get Your Home” by Drew Hammond
2017  Eulycea Brisa  Prymont “I Know I Am Trouble” by Nina Dare
2018  Prymont Canastota  Variota “Kom Maar” by Hete henk
2019  Variota Ferrefaaierhafen  Volta “Diamond Smile” by Wind Tune
2020  Volta Vien  Kirvina “Midnight Forever” by Impulse
2021  Kirvina Achilleia  Damak Var “I'll Never Let You Go” by Omen
2022  Damak Var Avantine  Ahrana “Minute” by Crash
2023  Ahrana Havsborg  Orioni “Soul Of Daylight” by Judge
2024  Orioni TBA TBD TBD

Prymont 2018

The Prymontian competition was held in Canastota, Prymont where eight countries competed to win. The Variotan contestant Hete Henk tied with Prymontian Foolish Bandit for first-place, however as the latter was from the host country, the official win was awarded to Hete Henk.[2]

Variota 2019

Variota hosted the 2019 competition. Early on, Hete Henk was rumoured to present. The opening song leaked on Wittier.[3]

Soon we will know who'll be the best
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  • 2023: Nicholas Stefansson


The EurthVision Broadcasting Association is responsible for broadcasting the song competition. The organisation is made up of associated public service media organisations in 134 countries. All recordings are released in the HDTV 1080i picture format.


  1. OOC. Missing lore was created by chance. Winning countries were decided by a random number generator at WolframAlpha. Winning songs were created with a song title name generator. Winning musicians were created with a musician name generator.