Tricontinental Defence Treaty Organisation

Tricontinental Defence Treaty Organisation
Trident member Map.png
Member States of TRIDENT
FormationJanuary 25, 2018; 2 years ago (2018-01-25)
Founded atGirk, Girkmand
TypeMilitary Alliance
PurposeMutual Defence
HeadquartersTRIDENT MMC- Manille, Iverica (de facto)
Official language
Secretary General
CCO. Ferran-Arnau Macharius
AffiliationsTRIDENT "Partners for Peace"

The Tricontinental Defence Treaty Organisation (TRIDENT), is an intergovernmental military alliance between select Argic, Alharun, Thalassan and Marenesian nations. The alliance is based on the Tricontentental Defence Treaty that was signed on 25 January 2018. TRIDENT constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party. TRIDENT maintains no central headquarters, division headquarters are located in Manille (Iverica), Bromwich (Gallambria), Ferrefaaierhafen (Variota), [Girkmand, Andalla, Prymont]. Instead, the TRIDENT leadership convenes via a remote link or at the Manille Headquarters.


The Verde Blockade

April 2018 naval situation of the Verde blockade

The organisation conducted its first military intervention in the Verde Sea, specifically within the northern and southern Altria Straits to prevent the increase in military disparity in the area.

The Verde Blockade was a joint operation to blockade the Verde Sea from penetration by Ahranaian Naval forces. The operation was justified under the international protest against the expansion of Ahranaian military forces in the connected Mediargic Sea, specifically in the region of Xara, which had been annexed by Ahranaian forces much to the protest of Ahrana's northern neighbour, the United States of Prymont. When protests and warnings from TRIDENT member states were ignored, the blockade was executed by a TRIDENT task force and forced the Ahranaians to halt their fleet and enlist the aid of the now rouge state of Asgeirria in what some deemed to be a false flag operation.

This conflict was resolved later during peace agreements, to the satisfaction of TRIDENT and Ahranaian parties. TRIDENT officials from Iverica & Gallambria co-authored the Xara Accords, a treaty to resolve the heated situation of Ahranaian naval expansion. The Accords presented a sustainable solution by proposing a balance of strength in the Mediargic Sea and specifying the conduct necessary for forces to maintain the peaceful posture between both parties.

Exercise Atgeir

The joint aero-naval exercise dubbed "Atgeir" was conducted in Andallan waters of the Tiauhai Sea. Wargames between the assembled strength of some 4 Carrier Strike Groups and several lighter flotillas were carried out exercising ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, air defence & SEAD, naval air strike, anti-submarine, anti-ballistic missile, convoy security, shallow water manoeuvers, VBSS & counter-boarding, marine reconnaissance, and oceanographic survey operations were simulated by an OPFOR consisting of Iverican military and PMC units. The exercise was supposedly successful in gauging TRIDENT's ability to work together in aero-naval operations and in fostering an organisation-wide cultural exchange.


The TRIDENT Medal is an international military decoration which is awarded to various militaries of the world under the authority of the Tricontinental Treaty Council. It is manufactured by the Royal Mint, of Gallambria. There are currently three versions of the medal in existence, The TRIDENT Meritorious Service Medal, The TRIDENT Non-Article 5 Operational Service Medal for The Verde Blockade, and The TRIDENT Non-Article 5 Operational Service Medal for the TRIDENT Training Mission - Atgeir (TTM-A).