Gun laws in Eurth

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Gun laws in the countries in Eurth vary by country. The tables below show the legal status of firearms for civilian usage.

Country Prohibited Licence required Registration and/or background checks required Unregulated
 Dolchland No Yes Yes No
 Orioni Prohibited for men Yes Yes No
 Mauridiviah Any arms ownership prohibited for felons, semi-automatic, automatic, and hand guns are illegal. Yes Yes No
 Gallambria Certain prohibitions exist under state firearms legislation Yes Yes No
 Batengdei Military-grade weapons are forbidden, only party members may own firearms without extensive licensing procedures. Only native Batengdeian citizens may own firearms. Yes Yes No
 Variota No Licences are needed for particularly heavy weapons such as RPGs and grenade launchers Yes No
 Faramount Yes Yes Yes No
 Cristina No Licences are needed for military-grade weapons Yes No
 Mantella Yes Yes Yes No
 Seylos No Permits only granted for hunting weapons. Permits for check in gun ranges allowed. (Weapons are not allowed to leave the range) Yes No
 Cashar No No No No
 Zaxar No Required to have served in the Imperial Armed Forces or in the Ranger Corps Yes No
 Hinterlands No License required for explosives and military grade weapons and equipment Yes No