Aurelian League

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Aurelian Union Flag.png
Aurelian League Emblem.png
Aurelian League Map.png
Motto"Tomorrow Together"
"Avenir Ensemble"
"Domani Insieme"
Mirai ni issho
"Лαoĸoĸαϵ Nαᴜαлo"
Phaokokhāe Navapo
"Μαζί Αυριά"
Mazí Avriá
TypePolitical, Military, and Economic Alliance
Legal statusActive
PurposeFor the protection and prosperity of Aurelia
Official language
Ilene, Mitonese, Dolch
Chief Executive of the League
Key people
A, Chair of Defense
B, Chair of Economics
C, Chair of Environment
D, Chair of Culture

The Aurelian League is the dominant alliance made up of sovereign nations on the continent of Aurelia. The inception of the League came on the 23rd May 1938 as a response to the Second Aurelian War as a peacekeeping organisation turned economic-military organisation.


  • Establishment of Pan-Aurelianism.
  • First Aurelian War (Pan-Aurelianists vs Nationalists/Regionalists).
  • Second Aurelian War - Brings about Pan-Aurelianism as a rejection of the continental war and its brutality.

Member states

List of member states
State Capital Accession Population (2021)
 Kirvina Akhileia 11000023 May 1938 37,030,000
 Rhodellia Friedrichstadt 11000023 May 1938 10,000,000
 Mito Kenkyō 11000023 May 1938 9,723,000
 Great Xio Pashae 11000023 May 1938 8,829,200
 Anatea Solisea 1100001 January 2000 34,230,970
 Zaxar Sandrica 1100001 January 2000 10,000,000
 Advocatius Victoires 1100001 January 2000 37,400,000
 Louvier Saint-Philippe 1100001 January 2000 17,683,306
 Ionio San Foca 1100001 January 2000 26,768,932
9 total 205,152,102


The Aurelian League is led by (title) (name). (He/she) is the executive of the Aurelian League at-large, and chairs the governing Council of Aurelia. The (position) is shared across the member states of the League on a rotating basis. Beneath the Council lies four departments, each responsible for one key component of the League's Founding Treaty.

Foreign Relations


Policies and Projects

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