Aurelian League

Aurelian League
Kæht Aurielha
Nostra Continevtsa
La Ligue Aurélienne
Motto"Tomorrow Together"
"Dhoh æiiht"
"Soarta Nostelten"
"Avenir Ensemble"
"Issho ni ashita"
TypePolitical, Military, and Economic Alliance
Legal statusActive
PurposeFor the protection and prosperity of Aurelia
 Oyus (Observer)
Official language
Kirvinska, Lysian
Chief Executive of the League
Sebron tr'Riog
Key people
A, Chair of Defense
B, Chair of Economics
C, Chair of Environment
D, Chair of Culture

The Aurelian League is the dominant alliance made up of sovereign nations on the continent of Aurelia. The inception of the League came at the behest of TBD who firmly believed that Eurth's geopolitics were putting the continent in an unequal relationship with the rest of the world both in the strength of arms and the leverage of the international marketplace. The League's headquarters are located in TBD. Full membership is being actively discussed between  Selayar and the League.


The Aurelian League is led by (title) (name). (He/she) is the executive of the Aurelian League at-large, and chairs the governing Council of Aurelia. The (position) is shared across the member states of the League on a rotating basis. Beneath the Council lies four departments, each responsible for one key component of the League's Founding Treaty.

Policies and Projects

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