List of Intelligence Agencies on Eurth

This is a list of intelligence agencies on Eurth. It includes only currently operational institutions and agencies by country.

Ahrana Ahrana

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Domestic Intelligence

Foreign Intelligence

Iverica Iverica


The Orinese Intelligence Community is made up of three branches: Yestek (military intelligence), OSIS (overseas intelligence) and Akali 11 (internal security).

  • Yestek is the leading military intelligence body. The name is an Oharic abbreviation of "Yesilela Tekwami" (Anglish: Intelligence Institute).
  • Orioni Secret Intelligence Service (OSIS). Known recent activities include investigating the attack on Orioni's embassy in Afropa[1] and a leaked Sibiseban committee report on the expansion of foreign espionage.[2]
  • Akali 11 (Anglish: Component 11) is the domestic intelligence branch of the Imperial Police, responsible for maintaining internal security.

Oyus Oyus

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Variota Variota

Cristina Cristina

Mantella Mantella

  • Republican Department of Homeland Security (DRPI): Anti-terrorism, border security, immigration and customs, cyber security, and disaster prevention and management.
  • Military Intelligence Agency (AIM): Tasked roviding information, as well as representing and protecting the interests of Mantella abroad through activities pertaining to military intelligence and military diplomacy.