List of Intelligence Agencies on Eurth

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Intelligence agencies on Eurth.

This page presents a comprehensive and detailed list of intelligence agencies currently operational on Eurth. It features a diverse range of institutions and agencies, each tailored to its respective country's unique needs and policies. These agencies are central to various aspects of statecraft, including national security, intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence, and espionage.

National security refers to the protection of a nation from threats, both internal and external. Intelligence agencies are pivotal in identifying potential threats to a nation's stability, sovereignty, and interests. Intelligence gathering involves collecting information relevant to national security. This process includes surveillance, reconnaissance, and sourcing information from various channels to form a comprehensive understanding of potential risks. Counter-intelligence is aimed at thwarting espionage or intelligence gathering efforts by foreign entities. It involves activities designed to prevent infiltration, sabotage, and intelligence operations conducted by adversaries. Espionage is the practice of obtaining secrets (political, military, or industrial) from rivals or enemies for strategic advantages. It typically involves clandestine operations and the use of spies.

Each agency listed on this page has its unique mandate, structure, and operational scope. The list is systematically organized by country, offering insights into how these agencies operate within their legal and ethical frameworks. The rules of engagement for these agencies vary significantly across different nations, reflecting their distinct legal, cultural, and political environments. This resource serves as an informative guide for those interested in the complex and nuanced world of international intelligence and espionage. It sheds light on the strategic importance of intelligence agencies in glubal affairs and their role in maintaining national security and geopolitical stability.


  • Directorate of Intelligence (ADI), Civilian Domestic, Foreign Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Espionage, Intelligence Gathering and Security Service in conjunction to the Federal Police.




Domestic Intelligence

Foreign Intelligence



  • Republican Department of Homeland Security (DRPI): Anti-terrorism, border security, immigration and customs, cybersecurity, and disaster prevention and management.
  • Military Intelligence Agency (AIM): Tasked providing information, as well as representing and protecting the interests of Mantella abroad through activities pertaining to military intelligence and military diplomacy.



The Orinese Intelligence Community is made up of three complementary branches: Yestek (military intelligence), OSIS (overseas intelligence) and Akali 11 (internal security).

  • Yestek is the main intelligence body for the military of Orioni. The name is an Oharic abbreviation of Yesilela Tekwami (Anglish: Intelligence Institute). It gathers, analyses, and distributes intelligence, which the military uses to make decisions at the highest levels of government. Yestek works inside and outside Orioni, getting intelligence through people, electronic intercepts, and satellite images. The organisation is very private and works alone, with its own money and leaders. Yestek is important for the safety of Orioni and uses its intelligence to find and reduce dangers to the country.
  • The Orinese Secret Intelligence Service (OSIS) is a government agency that gets and studies intelligence for Orinese national security. Recently, OSIS has been involved in critical operations, like looking into the attack on the Orinese embassy in Afropa[1] and the leak of a Sibiseban committee report on increased foreign espionage within Orioni.[2] The OSIS is renowned for its top-notch female spies. In most traditional, non-Orinese societies, women can sometimes hold the advantage. In societies where men hold sway, women may be seen as less of a threat and thus underestimated. This can work to the advantage of female spies, who may catch their targets off guard by approaching them unexpectedly. The element of surprise can be a powerful weapon in their arsenal.
  • Akali 11 (Anglish: Component 11) is a part of the Orinese Armed Police that protects internal security in the country. This includes watching for dangers to national security, looking into crime and terrorism, and getting intelligence on groups or people at home that might be dangerous. To do its job, Akali 11 might use surveillance, secret operations, and analysing data and other information. The organisation works closely with other branches of the Orinese government, like the military and intelligence agencies, to keep the nation safe and secure.

Legislative supervision over the intelligence community is undertaken by delegation of Sibisebali to the executive Subcouncil for Power (Oharic: Hayili).


  • Seylosian Office of Foreign Intelligence




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