List of Countries on Eurth by Economic Inequality Index

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The EG7 International Development Programme (EG7IDP), compiles the Economic Inequality Index (EII) from data provided by all respondent nations to the annual State of Eurth Survey. The index considers the division of wealth in a given country to provide a measure of economic inequality which is comparable between countries.

2021 is the first year that the EII is being published, with the goal of being a more comprehensive measure of economic inequality than other standardised methods.

Rank Nation EEI
2021 data (2022 Report) Change since last report 2021 data (2022 Report) Change since last report
1 Steady Sanarija 0.14 Steady
2 Steady Ulfheimr 0.18 Steady
3 Steady  Sayf 0.2 Steady
4 Steady  Fravina 0.21 Steady
5 Steady  Rhodellia 0.22 Steady
6 Steady  Zaxar 0.25 Steady
7 Steady  Stedoria 0.27 Steady
8 Steady Oregon Hinterlands 0.30 Steady
9 Steady  Velaheria 0.32 Steady
10 Steady  Gallambria 0.32 Steady
11 Steady  Oyus 0.40 Steady
12 Steady  Iverica 0.42 Steady
13 Steady  Hemahat 0.44 Steady
14 Steady  Haruspex 0.49 Steady
15 Steady  Rhava 0.49 Steady
16 Steady Per-Aten 0.62 Steady
17 Steady  Ahrana 0.68 Steady