List of national legal systems on Eurth

In the present, national legal systems on Eurth are commonly divided upon three categories: common law, civil law and religious law---or combinations of these. Many countries' legal systems are shaped by their unique histories, cultures and traditions.

List of national legal systems in Eurth

     Civil Law
     Common Law
     Religious Law

Nation Legal system Details
 Batengdei Mixed The general law system Batengdei is civil, though some few court cases may change/set the precedent.
 Derthalen Mixed The Derthaler legal systems are based upon the 'Basic Law' also known as the 'Ottoling Code'. Each state and independent city has their own legal code based off of it, though most of them use common law.
 Faramount Civil Law The Faramontese courts are infamous for their corruption, and most legal scholars describe the Faramontese legal system as one based primarily on bribery, not an organized legal scheme.
 Limonaia Civil Law King Umberto I unified the regional laws into a single code of law for the whole kingdom in 1751. This was replaced by Marco II's Code of 1899.
 Mauridiviah Bijuridicial/Mixed The Mauridivian legal system follows civil law most of the time but precedent can be set by courts in some cases.
 Oyus Civil Law The Oyusard legal system do not allow a single case set a precedent, but rather a series of them.
 Rihan Common Law The Rihannsu legal system follows the common laws set by the Senate (and technically, though not 'accepted,' by the People's Assembly).