Gastronomy of Eurth

Eurth is home to many different and diverse types of food. The following are lists of different food items located throughout the world by breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, and beverages.


List of popular breakfast foods in Eurth
Food Description Usual ingredients Popular in
Mealie Savoury porridge made from ground grains. Oats, corn, so on. Derthalen
Süßerhafer A sweet dish served cold. Usually in a bowl or cup. Fruits, cream, and oats. Derthalen
Blutwurst A peppery sausage made from congealed blood. Animal blood, small amounts of meat, fat, and cereal grains. Derthalen


List of popular lunch foods in Eurth
Food Description Usual ingredients Popular in
Hasenpfeffer Savoury stew made from rabbit. Rabbit, potatoes, wine, and assorted vegetables. Derthalen
Schlachtschüssel A plate of meat that is best served with beer. Pork belly, Blutwurst, rabbit, liver, sausages, blood sauce, mustard, and Saurkraut. Derthalen
Schweinekuchen A small pie eaten cold. Pork, lard, jellied pigs blood, and crusty pastry. Derthalen
Klatschbase A warm dish made with gravy and cheese, eaten on large platters by groups. Cheese, gravy, and fried quarters of potatoes. Derthalen
Liver & Onions A warm dish made made with fried onions and livers. Livers, onions, and oil. Derthalen


List of popular dinner foods in Eurth
Food Description Usual ingredients Popular in
Dreiviertel Stew made from leftovers from earlier in the day and beer. Usually eaten with bread. Leftovers, vegetables, beer, and random meats. Derthalen
Akrom A soup made over the course of the day and taken cool. Raw vegetables, boiled potatoes, meats, and Kwas. Derthalen
Kartoffelkuchen Somewhat sweet, mostly savoury cakes. Ground up potatoes, water, and salt. Derthalen


List of popular dessert foods in Eurth
Food Description Usual ingredients Popular in
Honeyed Fruit Fruit which have been preserved in honey. They are usually eaten on bread. Any fruit, honey. Derthalen


List of popular drinks in Eurth
Drink Description Usual ingredients Popular in
Porter Stout A good old beer with a dark colour. Beauty incarnate this one. Grain and water. Derthalen
Imperial Stout A sailor and soldier's worst friend. Strongest beer in the world (11% average) and plentiful in the military. Hence the name. Grain and water. Derthalen
Peasant's Beer A beverage made primarily using grains, water, and a stick. Fruit can be added. Grain, fruit or herbs, and water. Derthalen
Ale A warmly fermented beer made from gruit, fruity too. Good for finding a wife. Grain, fruit, and water. Derthalen
Stutenmilch A beverage made from fermenting milk. Milk. Derthalen
Schnapps A beverage made primarily using herbs or fruit, water, and a stick. Fruit or herbs and water. Derthalen
Kwas A slightly alcoholic children's drink made with black bread and water. Fruit can be added. Black bread, water, and fruit. Derthalen


List of popular snacks in Eurth
Food Description Usual ingredients Popular in
Knistern Crunchy, salty, and everything good. Pork rinds and oil. Derthalen