Trans-Continental Science Initiative

Trans-Continental Science Initiative
Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale
TCSI flag.png
Flag of the TCSI
TypeMultilateral Scientific Cooperation
PurposeDefensive Alliance, Economic and Scientific Cooperation
HeadquartersSunset City, Sunset Sea Islands

The Trans-Continental Science Initiative (TCSI), also known as Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale (ISTC) in Lysian. The goal of this international organization is the protection and exploration of the Antargic continent, reducing global warming, protecting the environment, venturing into space and, most of all, advancing the scientific development of the human race. The nations of Sunset Sea Islands, Magnaeus, Prymont, and the Lysian Republic comprise the ISTC membership. The organization runs a research base on Antargis, Simon Station. The TCSI is the first time nations from three different continents have come together to work so closely on furthering the advance of the human race.