States of Dolchland

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Dolchland constists of 40 states, each with varying degrees of power and importance in the empire. Most have their own monarch, military and economic policies, with only few falling under the direct juristiction of the Impeiral Government. The empire consists of 5 Kingdoms, 13 Duchies, Landgravites and Electorates and 9 Baronies and Principalities. Most have remained under the same royal or noble house for centuries, often intermarrying with one another and foreign houses.


Location Flag Name Leader House Capital Population
Dolch K 1.png Dolch KF 1.jpeg Panedonia Friedrich VII House of Falkenburg Schlammburg Example
Dolch K 2.png HabstriaEmpire.png Habstria Heinrich V & II House of Ausburg Morthal Example
Dolch K 3.png Dolch KF 3.jpeg Macklenover George IX House of Matensburg-Bohun Bertricht Example
Dolch K 4.png Dolch KF 4.jpeg Wurveria Wilhelm V House of Wurvenia Hopf Example
Dolch K 5.png Dolch KF 5.png Bessen-Katzenelm Ernest II House of Gloschlick-Berta Heinfeldes Example

Langraviates, Duchies and Electorates

Location Flag Name Leader House Capital Population
Dolch A Greater Vethringen map.png Flag of Greater Vethringen.jpg Archduchy of Greater Vethringen Johann III House of Ausburg-Vethringen Greifsdorf Pop
Runesburg Map.png Runesburg Dolchland.png Electorate of Runesburg Otto IV House of Matensburg-Meußen Runesburg Pop
Dolch E Tale-Schüssel map.png Flag of Tale-Schüssel.png Electorate of Tale-Schüssel Georg Heinrich VI House of Jostin-Mitternau-Kurfürsten Mitternau Pop
Blutflusstal dolch map.png Blutflusstal flag.png Electorate of Blutflusstal Ulrich VIII House of Treuerhirsch Felsenhügel Pop
Inner Habstria Map.png Flag of Inner Habstria.jpg Electorate of Inner Habstria Ludwig V House of Ausburg-Lotharingia Pop
Westervark Map.png Example.png Duchy of Westervark August II House of Bohun-Odell-Compenburg Furvswick Pop
Dolch D Lesser Vethringen map.png Flag of the Duchy of Lesser Vethringen.png Duchy of Lesser Vethringen Wilhelm XIII House of Vethringen-Rechts Ritterburg Pop
Almstadtloc.jpg Almflag.jpg Duchy of Almstadt Karl-Johan III Name Almstadt 77,583
Map of the Duchy of Ansbrück.PNG Flag of the Duchy Ansbrück.PNG Duchy of Ansbrück Joseph VII Name Ansbrück 77,583
Compenburg Map.png Compenburg and Erska Flag.png Landgraviate of Compenburg and Erska Herman I House of Bohun-Odell-Compenburg Compenburg Pop
Dolch D Tale-Beiberg map.png Flag of Tale-Beiberg.png Landgraviate of Tale-Beiberg Georg Dietrich III House of Jostin-Saalten Saalten Pop
Dolch D Tale-Flußstadt and Ersau map.png Flag of Tale-Flußstadt and Ersau.png Landgraviate of Tale-Flußstadt and Ersau Georg Dietrich VI House of Jostin-Flußstadt-Ersau Flußstadt Pop
Dolch L Maerzwald map.png Maerzwald Flag.png Landgraviate of Märzwald Dietrich von Bodenstein House of Bodenstein Capital Pop
Dolch L Witternen map.png Greater Flag of Witternen.png Landgraviate of Witternen Dietrich VI House of Gloschlick-Berta Capital Pop
Example.png 160px Name Name House of Capital Pop
Example.png Example.png Name Name House of Capital Pop

Baronies, Counties and Principalities

Location Flag Name Leader House Capital Population
Dolch P Lower Streckenburg map.png Lesser Flag of Lower Streckeburg.png Principality of Lower Streckeburg Adelbert VII House of Streckeburg-Münthal Münthal Pop
Dolch P Upper Streckenburg map.png Lesser Flag of Upper Streckeburg.png Principality of Upper Streckeburg August IV House of Gloschlick von Kreis Kreis Pop
Gmunenhochwald.png GmunenhochwaldFlag3.png Raugraviate of Gmunenhochwald Ernst Klemens VI House of Hochgmunentorf-Tangerthal Untergmunenbrücken Pop
Sohenburg Map.png Flag of Sohenburg.png Principality of Sohenburg Franz XXII House of Matensburg-Gloschlick-Jostin-Ausburg-Bohun-Odell Carlshof Pop

Monastic states

Location Flag Name Leader House Capital Population
Dolchordenstaat territory.png Dolchordenstaat Iverica.png State of the Order of the Dagger Dietrich von Krieger House of Krieger Perlehafen 2,500,000

Other Minor States

Free Cities

Location Flag Name Leader House Capital Population
Dolch F Flunderberg map.png GrueneWaleVlaag.png Free City of Flunderberg Name Name Flunderstadt 328,881
Dolch F Randstadt map.png Flag of Randstadt.png Free City of Randstadt Name none Randstadt 24,230
Rosenstadt.png Flag of Free City of Rosenstadt.jpg Free City of Rosenstadt Martin Roth none Rosenstadt 195,842


Location Flag Name Leader House Capital Population
Dolch B Teilen Map.png Flag of Kirchmarkt and Teilen.png Bishopric of Kirchmarkt and Teilen Nikolaus Vogt none Kirchmarkt Pop
Trentland map.png Trentland.jpg Bishopric of Trentland Felix Winter none Trentdorf Pop