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Republic of Stemas

Republikken Stemas
Flag of Stemas
Coat of arms of Stemas
Coat of arms
Motto: "For the People and the Realm!"
StatusIndependent State
and largest city
Official languagesEngelsk (Anglish), Sørskandinavien
Recognized languagesNorðurskandi, Vestslavisk
GovernmentUnitary Semi-Presidential Parliamentary Republic
• President
Fredrik Olsen
• Prime Minister
Ingrid Kristiansen
Forbundsrådet (Federal Council)
Forbundsforsamlingen (Federal Assembly)
• Kingdom of Stemas
250BCE - 621BCE
• Empire of Ahrana
621BCE - 1851CE
• Kingdom of Stemas
1851CE - 1860CE
• Republic of Stemas
1860CE - Present
• 2022 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$900 Billion
• Per capita
CurrencySteman Dollar (‡)
Time zoneAhranaian Standard Time (AST)
Driving sideleft

The Republic of Stemas or Stemas is a nation located to the South of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, to the North of the Federal Republic of Girkmand, and to the Northwest of the Hinterian Confederacy on the INSERT NAME HERE Peninsula. The Republic of Stemas is a Unitary Semi-Presidential Parliamentary Republic with a President and a Prime Minister.


The Empire of Ahrana invaded and took control of the early Stemani Kingdom that was established around 520 BCE, before this the Stemani Kingdom paid tribute to the Emperor of Ahrana to stay independent from the Imperial Throne. Due to many internal struggles the Empire of Ahrana was able to overthrow and take over the entire Stemai Kingdom. During this era of governance the land of Stemas was under the direct Control of the Imperial Throne and the Emperor. In 621 BCE, the empire officially controlled all of Stemas through a bloody campaign that left the Stemani People no longer willing to fight the barbaric Ahranaians.

For over a thousand years the land of stemas was ruled by Ahrana and in 1632 the land of Stemas was given a new status within the Ahranaian Governance as a Grand Duchy, one of the first to hold such a title. The King of Ahrana granted this title to a noble in Stemas that had connections to the past Stemani Royal Houses. The Ducal House of Hagen would rule the Duchy for the next one hundred and fifty years at which point the Grand Duchy of Stemas was elevated to status of Kingdom within the Realm of Ahrana in 1782. The House of Gundersen would rule as the Kings/Queens of Stemas till 1860 when the Kingdom was voted out in favor of a Republican Government.

In 1860, the People of Stemas having been independent from Ahrana since 1851 decided that the Monarchy was no longer the form of government they wished to have. In 1803, the Stemani King, Karl IV, gave the Parliament of Stemas full legislative Authority and allowed a Head of Government to be nominated from amongst the Parliament of Stemas. This was the first time in the history of Stemas that a Democratic form of Government was being allowed to take root. This act of authority done by Karl IV allowed the Republican Movement to become the leading Party within the Parliament at the time of a referendum was held.

The People of Stemas voted for a Republic to be formed instead of a Monarchy continuing to govern the land. The first President of Stemas was sworn in May of 1860. Since then the Republic of Stemas has continued to prosper and become a haven for the Finanical Market of Argis and quite possibly the wurld.

Government & Politics

The Republic of Stemas is a Republic with an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Government levels that are all independent of one another as outlined by the Constitution of the Republic which is one of the oldest Constitutions of the former Ahranaian Lands. The Executive is headed by the President as the Head of State and a Prime Minister who is Head of Government who heads the Cabinet of the government. The Legislative is made up of the Parliament or the Stortinget which is divided into two chambers; Forbundsrådet (Federal Council) and the Forbundsforsamlingen (Federal Assembly). The Judiciary of Stemas is made up of the Constitutional, Supreme, and the other Federal Courts along with the lower courts created by the Provinces of Stemas.


The President

The President of the Republic of Stemas is the Head of State of the Republic who is elected independently from the Stortinget by the People of Stemas for a five-year term renewable three times only. The President has the ability to appoint the Prime Minister but cannot removed them from power without the approval of the Parliamentary Assemblies unless the President dissolves the Parliament. The President receives all Foreign Ambassadors, Dignitaries, and any visitors that are from a Foreign Nation and they are on official business within Stemas.

The President is the Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Stemas holding final say on when to use Armed Force in any Military conflict involving Stemas. The President must ask the Parliament to formally declare war before the Armed Forces can enter into a War with another Foreign Power.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is elected from amongst the Forbundsrådet (Federal Council) or the Forbundsforsamlingen (Federal Assembly) by the people in a Parliamentary Election every four years, or unless the President Dissolves Parliament, or the current Parliamentary Session votes on a No Confidence in the current Government of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister once elected by the People is appointed by the President to be the Prime Minister and is asked to form a Government, the Prime Minister is not always the person with the most Electoral Votes in an Election.


Forbundsrådet (Federal Council)

The Forbundsrådet is considered the Upper House of the Parliament of the Republic of Stemas and holds some seniority over the lower house in the ability to control where the Government spends its budget, and with the ability to Remove the President from office. The Forbundsrådet is a One Hundred (100) Membered Assembly that is elected by the People using the Gustov Method which was created by the Ahranaian Government in 1915. The Members of the Forbundsrådet are elected to a four (4) year term that is renewable three times, which is the same as the Forbundsforsamlingen.

Forbundsforsamlingen (Federal Assembly)

The Forbundsforsamlingen is considered the Lower house of the Parliament of the Republic of Stemas and holds no seniority over the upper house, however the Forbundsforsamlingen is able to initiate the Vote of No Confidence in the Government and initiate the Declaration of War. The Forbundsforsamlingen is a two hundred (200) Membered Assembly that is elected by the People using the Gustov Method. The Members of the Forbundsforsamlingen are elected to a four (4) year term that is renewable three times, which is the same as the Forbundsrådet.


Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court is the highest court of the Republic of Stemas in the Judiciary part of the Government. The Constitutional Court is headed by Four (4) Justices that make up the Consitutitional Pannel of the Court. The Justices of the Constitutional Court are appointed by the President and confirmed by both Assemblies of Parliament for a six-year term that is renewable three times only. The Constitutional Court only sees matters related to the Constitution that the Supreme Court cannot rule on due to conflict of interests or because the case has been trialed and appealed more than once. The Constitutional Court is also the Court that Trials the President if the Forbundsrådet removes them from power for violating the constitution.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the second highest court of the Republic of Stemas in the Judiciary part of the Government. The Supreme Court is headed by three (3) that make up the Supreme Court Justice Pannel. The Justices are appointed by the President and confirmed by both Assemblies of Parliament for a six-year term renewable twice only. The Supreme Court is the first Court to see any case relating to Constitutional Matters before the Constitutional Court sees the case. The Supreme Court cannot trial the President but can trial the Prime Minister or any other Government Official if it deems it necessary by the law laid out before the court.

Federal Lower Courts

The Federal Lower Courts are the lesser courts on the Federal Level that sees and handles all Criminal proceedings in the Judicial sector of the Republic. The Federal Lower Courts are headed by Judges that are determined at the Elections every four years in association with the Parliamentary Elections Cycle. A Federal Judge can serve for a combined tenure of twenty (20) years total before they are no longer allowed to serve in the Federal Lower Courts but may serve in the Provincial, Supreme, or Constitutional Courts for the allotted time for those Courts.

Provincial Courts

The Provincial Courts are the courts at the local level beyond the Federal Districts, the Provincial Courts are the courts before appealing for a Federal Hearing or unless its crimes that are not considered Felon Status. The Provincial Courts are headed by Judges that can serve as long as they are re-elected or hold a legal Judicial Degree and Lisence from an accredited University and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Stemas.