Freedom Indices of Eurth

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The Freedom Indices of Eurth contains a list of freedom indices produced by several non-governmental organizations that publish and maintain assessments of the state of freedom in the world, according to their own various definitions of the term, using various measures of freedom, including civil liberties, political rights and economic rights.

Mundus Liber

The Mundus Liber Institute (Mundus Liber meaning "Free World" in !Latin), a Mauridivian think tank funded by the government, is the leading institution currently making freedom indexes.[1] They have conducted various surveys, among them: the Freedom Index, the LGBT Rights Survey, and the Inalienable Rights Survey.

Mundus Liber Freedom Index

This is the main Freedom Index compiled by Mundus Liber, and it gave countries a score between 0-100 in the categories of political, personal/social, economic, and press freedoms. It then averaged the results and ranked nations to determine which countries were the most hands-off and which ones were the most authoritarian. Variota was ranked as the most free country in the world in 2018, with a score of 96.75.[1]

Mundus Liber LGBT Rights Survey

This is a Freedom Index compiled by Mundus Liber specifically about LGBT Rights. It drew from laws, personal testimonies, and other stories in order to determine which nations were tolerant of the LGBT and which nations were not. Adaptus was ranked as the most LGBT friendly country in the world in 2018, with Variota and Mauridiviah not far behind.[2]

Mundus Liber Inalienable Rights Survey

This is a Freedom Index compiled by Mundus Liber, weighing each nation depending on how many rights they guaranteed in practice. The more rights guaranteed (with the list of important rights being determined by the academic definition of 'inalienable rights'), the higher a nation would score. Variota was ranked as the world's most progressive nation in 2018, with Adaptus and Mauridiviah being close behind.[3]

Public outrage

Mundus Liber has been criticized and praised many times, often by the same nation, for its index results.[4] The most famous controversy have involved the Prymontian delegate to ATARA, Julian Nordeng, and the head of state of Variota, Dina Diva. While ranting about how "unfair" the results were, Nordeng insulted Dina Diva. Dina Diva responded by putting a prank bounty on Nordeng's head[5] until he publicly apologized, which he later did.[6] The nation of Seylos also prominently protests its index rankings, with its citizens having protested[7] every single index[8] publicly since the main Freedom Index. Other nations, such as Asgeirria[9] and Faramount[10] have also had government officials and citizens protest or question their rankings. Mundus Liber has only responded once[11] to such criticisms, although the Mauridivian newspaper The Feudal Times did once respond in defense of Mundus Liber.[12]