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Republic of Greater Galicia
L'República Galicia Major
Flag of Galicia
Motto: "Hoc hic misterium fidei firmiter profitemur"
Anthem: "Marcha Galiciana"
Galicia in Argis
Porto D'Galo
Official languagesIverican, Galiciano (Galician)
Recognised national languagesCommon, Iverican, Galician
Demonym(s)Galiciano, Galiciana
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
• Primo
Tomas D'Lucrecio
• Prime Minister
Rosa Salasar-Peres
• Chief Justice
Marto Griego
75,764 km2 (29,253 sq mi)
• 2019 census
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
$620,000,000,000 ($33,797)
CurrencyGalician Velle (₲)
Driving sideright
Calling code+90
Internet TLD.gga

The Republic of Greater Galicia, known officially in Iverican as L'República Galicia Major, and informally as Galicia, is a sovereign country in Western Argis. The Republic is situated in the southern coast of the western argic continent. It is bordered on the west by the Confederate Union of Narva and in the east by the Constitutional Monarchy of Beleareas. Across the Republic's southern coast is the Verde Sea in which it maintains maritime borders with Narva. The rest of continental Argis is separated from Galicia by a long range of high mountains known as the Galician Cordilleras.

The Republic has a total land area of 75,654 square kilometres (29,210 sq mi) with more than 14 million inhabitants as of 2019. The state is a semi-presidential constitutional republic which derives its legitimacy from the Galician constitution. The current elected head of state, or "Primo", is Tomas D'Lucrecio, who has held the office since 2018. Vasqqa's capital is Porto D'Galo, a cultural and commercial centre with an urban area population of 2.8 million. Galo is also the largest city in terms of its metropolitan area, municipal area, and urban population. Other major urban areas include Ostiomesa and Custo L'Oro.

The Republic is a developing country dependent on commercial investment banking, shipbuilding, and rare earth mining. It has a middle-high income economy and has a medium Human Development Index rating. Galicia is one of the largest exporters of platinum in Western Argis and has a highly developed civil maritime manufacturing industry. Along with The Republic of Iverica, The Duchy of Verde, The Confederate Union Narva, and the Free State of Vasqqa, it is recognised as one of the five Iberic diaspora states in Argis. It has been a permanent member of the Association of Iberic Nations since its founding in 1918. Galicia is a member of the Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium