List of Treaties of Eurth

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This list of treaties contains known historical and current agreements, pacts, peaces, and major contracts between states, armies, governments, and tribal groups, that have been entered into on Eurth.

Before 1200 CE

Year Name Summary Ref.
980 BCE Shiguti League The Shiguti (Anglish: fist) was an early league of five tribes living on the Altais Plateau. According to transcribed oral traditional, they were: the Anidenya, Huletenya, Sositenya, Aratenya and Amisitenya. All signatories agreed not to attack one-another. And if one member violated that peace by attacking another member, the rest of the Shiguti would gang up and crush the offending violator.


Year Name Summary Ref.


Year Name Summary Ref.


Year Name Summary Ref.


Year Name Summary Ref.


Year Name Summary Ref.
1606 Treaty of Desitenya Treaty of Desitenya effectively ended the Thirteen Years' War, an indecisive land war between the Memopotamian sultanates and Orioni. The peace was signed for a period of 20 years.
1643 Treaty of Brecknock Treaty of peace between North and South Gallambria, following the Battle of Brecknock.
1654 Treaty of Hessallas The situation of personal rule between the Occidental states of Atulia, Bonesis and Thessapolis dissolved by Caesar Cassius II and III and V and the three states form the Kingdom of Adaptus. The monarch became Caesar Cassius I of Adaptus.
1692 Peace of Levent The Peace of Levent was a treaty ending the Four Year's War. It ended the war between the two colonies of Lysian Louvier and Ionian Mantella, reverting the colonial borders to the status quo ante bellum.


Year Name Summary Ref.
1709 Treaty of Trinity Treaty that ended the People’s War between Salvian royalists and republicans, however the del Monte monarchs would continue to claim the Salvian crown until the Treaty of $$$ in 1790.
1718 Treaty of Godstone Treaty that ended the Anglo-Lysian War and gave Great Anglia control over half of Lysian Louvier and extended its sphere of influence all over Europa and beyond.
1785 Treaty of Daferk Treaty that ended the Aurelian Revolutionary War, and recognized the independence of the United Republic.


Year Name Summary Ref.
1804 Treaty of Labrador Lysian Columbia forced to release Fravina and cede Bodmonton to Labradoria [1]


Year Name Summary Ref.
1908 Treaty of Mahaniam Treaty of Protection between Gallambria and the Tribals States of Mahoza, Shomron, Yehuda, Dulaim & Bani Nasir. Establishes the Trucial States of the Bashan
1926 Treaty of Protiva Peace treaty between Andalla and Giokto, resulting in the cession of Liamchia to Andalla. [2]
1954 Europan Commercial Alliance International organisation created to improve international trade and regulate industrial production.
1957 Charter of the Assembled Nations Intergovernmental organisation with the goal to further peace and security on Eurth.
1958 Treaty of Causriscus Formation of the Aroman Customs Union between Adaptus and Tagmatium.
1971 Treaty of Tenby Withdrawal of Stedoria from the Second Argic War and the creation of the Free State of Gadutea.
1975 Sermerio Accords Peace treaty that effectively ended the Great Alharun War.


Year Name Summary Ref.
2006 Entente of Oriental States Defensive Alliance, Economic and Scientific Cooperation [3]
2009 Treaty of Chisinau Treaty of friendship and defensive alliance between the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium and the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex
2019 Treaty of Sigta Peace treaty between Anatea and Ruthenia that effectively ended the Dalstavian War [4]